(copy) Ein neues Buch

by Malvin


The house of death
It was a very dark night in October. Leaves were falling from trees and the full moon was concealed by clouds. The wind was blowing, and Tom and Klara, two best friends, were lost. They were walking down a dark narrow street, but they didn't Know where it was was going. As they could see, it was leading to an old rotten house in the damp forest they were in.
Tom and Klara went on walking fast up to a gate. After they went through the gate, it closed behind them, but they didn't notice because the kids were focused on the house and a warm place stay. The door was broken and rotten so they could open it.
Full of anticipation they went in. When they saw the pitch-
dark anteroom, Tom and Klara became scared but still decided to go in the old house. The kids had no flashlights, so it was hard to see anything but after a few meters, small candles were shining on the big wall they were so they could very hardly see anything. There were pictures of old killers and everywhere were taces of blood.
Suddenly the door
slammed closed, and goosebumbs ran down their backs. A voice screamed: "Now you're mine, hahaha". Tom and Klara were very scared, so they began to sweat. When Tom turned around, he could see a dark person. He decided to grab his friend and try to escape.
They ran on the second floor of the house and tried to hide in a small room. The person came
in the room. After the person approached to the kids, they could see it was Granny, an old killer women with carrying a chainsaw. Granny came closer and closer with her chainsaw and told the kids she was going to kill them. She hit Tom's best friend with the chainsaw and he could see how blood splashed out of her body. He sweated like never before and started to cry. Granny now came to him, and he trembled.