(copy) The exploding window

by Marlies

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The exploding window
It was a cold afternoon in October and two girls were talking about boys in the small girls’ changing room. In the last lesson the class and another class had PE and Natalia was very happy that the lesson was over.
While the 17-year-old girl was brushing her ginger hair, her 16-year-old best friend said: “I want your blue eyes, my green ones are so ugly!” Kaida hated her blond hair und her green eyes. She also didn’t want to be 1,59 cm small, she loves Natalia’s 1,70 cm.  
When the girls tried to open the door, it didn’t work. The two girls ran to the dark and dusty changing room of the teachers and grabbed the extra emergency key and unlocked the heavy door.
As they were standing in the dark and in the quiet hallway, all they could hear was their breathing. When they suddenly heard a loud knocking on the door.
When they are unlocked the changing room door a boy with dark brown hair got out, he had blood all over his hands. When the girls saw him, they screamed
loudly. He was looking at the girls with his chocolate brown eyes and said with a trembling voice: “Hi I am Adrik and I hate PE” He was smiling at the girls.
Suddenly all the hallway windows exploded. The whole hallway was covered with splinters of glass, dirt and soil. They were hearing the howling of the wind and the
rustling of the leaves outside. With a strong gust of wind, the large, heavy front door opened, and the children ran to the police station as fast as they could.
When they explained everything to the police, the policemen were very shocked and called the mayor so that he could close the horror school so no more children could get hurt in there ever again.

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