(copy) Is this real?

by 4F


By Efi
Is it real?
It was a dark stormy night. The blood moon was shining and the wolfs were howling in the distance. Dark clouds appeared across the sky and owls were hooting in the dark. The wind was rustling though the leaves. Toby and George were sitting on the sofa scrolling through their phones when they both suddenly got a message at the same time about an unknown Hospital from an unknown person. 
They thought it was maybe because of Georges Mother's *Pneumonia. So, Toby told George, maybe your mother got transferred into a new Hospital? George and Toby stood up and went to their closets to get dressed. Without thinking they left the house and went to the Hospital. As they arrived Toby saw the Hospitaland noticed it didn’t look like a regular Hospital. The Hospital had broken windows and it smelled like old medicine. 
* Pneumonia= Lungenentzündung
It had a dull colour, and they could hear bats flying around. They went into the Hospital and looked around for a bit. George found a room with the name of his mother on it. As they entered the room, they couldn’t believe what they saw. George started to cry while Toby comforted him. 
In the room they found the dead body from George ‘s mother. It had a very bad smell and looked like it was rooting. There was old blood everywhere and rusty syringes. In the room there was a broken computer. 
Suddenly they heard a voice telling them to run but they didn’t listen. So, they went to more rooms in the hospital and entered the new-born ward. In the new-born ward it smelled like old baby powder and cream. There were broken beds everywhere and in the walls were holes and rats lived in them. 
 Toby looked to the corner and saw a two-year-old child. The kid stared at him. Toby was shaking with fear, but George did not know why until he looked at what Toby was looking at and they both started freaking out. George and Toby ran out of the room and child began to cry.