When I Grow Up

by Mrs Caraballo's Morning Class 4th grade

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When I Grow Up
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I'm zoologist
I love laboratory
I help animals

I cannot help all
I help them survive
I like to attend

I need to cure them
I love when their healthy
They're soft like a cloud

I need to check them
I help the environment
study animals

I need to hurry
they're going to be extinct
I will check them know
When I Grow Up
Camila B
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Abby Haiku
I have a hard task
Making the patients feel good
Schedule appointment.

Use safety glasses
Taking good care of patients
They should brush their teeth.

Take good care of teeth
Taking patients to a room
You pull out a teeth.

Ouch, ouch, ouch it hurts
You put some anesthesia
The tooth feels relaxed.

Aww, I can't resist
Sometimes people leave crying
They can't stand the pain.
When I Grow Up
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I have surgery
to do on an animal
am so tired

but I love all pets
I'm excited that I'm done
now I can relax

I take care of pets
some pets can be aggressive
there are many types

Bark, bark a dog barks
sometimes there strange animals
shots are good for pets

That's why shots are good
we take of lice of dogs
lice can kill some pets
When I Grow Up
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Mechanical Engineer
When I Grow Up
I need my money
to buy my metal
and build for my honey.

We're faster than sound
machines bigger than a house
work harder like mouse

I need a payment
and work with great men
and they work fast.

all I think of is lunch
what they hear is munch!
a bunch of people hear me.

There lot of fiction
there are a lot of machines
I can touch my tools.
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And testing red blood
blood is clear like a crystal
taking evidence.

Giving types of pills
have a hard shell like turtles
but still drinking it.

Germs could be hairy
exactly like a big bear
so keep your hands clean.

Hearing computers
they kinda sound like bots
they get the work done.

Vaccines are in lab
they are sharper than scissors
they go through your skin.
When I Grow Up
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I need a payment
for working as a dentist
or just cleaning teeth

I'm a hard worker
to not get fired from job
I need to clean a lot of teeth

I will get my money
for cleaning patients' teeth

I am doing great
until something bad happens
someone called me

They said I messed up
I'm going to be fired
I will have a chance
When I Grow Up