Fantastic, Fun, Funny For-You Poetry

by Scholars of HOH


Fantastic, Fun, Funny, For-You
Book Creator Poetry Competition--Category: Ages 4-11

A Library Project
Written by Scholars of
Horizons-on-the-Hudson (HOH) Magnet School
Newburgh, New York, USA
Horizons-on-the-Hudson Magnet (HOH) School is an urban school in the busy City of Newburgh, NY, USA. Our enrollment is almost 400 scholars.

By far, our greatest strength is our diversity in all ways, including languages spoken, countries of origin, interests, race, ethnicity, traditions, academic interests, backgrounds/ identities. Our scholars are open to differences in opinions and eager to teach and learn in various ways. They draw strength from and model members of our dynamic in-school and larger community and gain experiences from collaborative programming that fosters independent pursuits and ultimately creation of original content like the poetry in this book. In Library Class, scholars are engaged in memorializing their thoughts, traditions, observations, experiences, and curiosities about any and every topic all year long.

Our library has two troupes whose members, like the rest of our scholar-population, are curious, deep thinkers. They are always ready for a challenge and, worked diligently creating poems, helping students with their poems, and with organizing this book.
About Our HOH Scholars & School Community
Table of Contents
Biographical Poem .......................................... 3

Freestyle/List Poems .................................... 4

Haiku ................................................................... 19

Hyperbole Poems .......................................... 26

Limericks .......................................................... 27
Troupe Members/
Braylynn G, Project Manager
Eliana C.
Gabriella N.
Hagar A.
Hendrix H.,
Jonahtan Q.
Karma E.
Kellen E.

Royal D.
Sarah A.
Sophie T.
Tyrese C.

Adult organizers:
Mrs. Wright Jumpp, Library Teacher & Mrs. Kate Clarke, Parent
The Auspicious Alsdorfs
by Members of the HOH Library Troupe and other 5th Graders, (February 2023): Hendrix H, Jonathan Q, Karma E, Leigh A, Nayeli SR, Royal D, Sophie T, Tyrese C  
Civic Engagement:  This poem was created for Black History Month when the HOH Library Troupe was invited to participate in local events in the City of Newburgh, NY, USA. The Troupe met every morning during breakfast, and took notes about this family, then worked collaboratively to create this poem. The poem was performed this at the Newburgh/Highland NAACP's Black History Meet & Greet and at our public library, the Newburgh Free Library's Newburgh: Celebration of Black Joy, Contributions, and Triumphs. Pictures are from both performances.
Freed slaves who were farm hands, 
Headed to Newburgh for freedom and land.
Their son Professor Dubois was a talented musician,
He trained under Appo, a famous African-American.
Dancing, pushing for equality,
His three sons, Simon, Charles, Ulysses. 

Business men dominating Newburgh City,
Owned many stores like a famous Dance Academy.
Trained the poor and rich to dance,
Now let the fancy galas commence.
Men clothing store, hair salon, bakery,
Tailoring shop, catering and confectionery.
There’s a family you need to know about.
The Alsdorf family!  They make me want to shout!
George and Caroline Alsdorf were slaves, you see.
They worked super hard to become free,
And used their money to get manumission, 
To be free before slavery’s abolition. 

Ulysses, the second son, 1872 - 1952,
Pianist and composer, sharing hopeful views. 
Second African-American graduate of Newburgh Free Academy,
Breaking the lasting barrier left behind by slavery.
He left a trail for you, you, you and me,
Now we too can graduate from Newburgh Free Academy.
Biographical Poem
Simon, the third son, 1874 - 1946
Nationally-known, civic-minded, clarinetist.
Third African-American graduate of Newburgh Free Academy
Breaking the lasting barrier left behind by slavery.
He left a trail for you, you, you and me,
Now we too can graduate from Newburgh Free Academy.
Charles, the first son, 1862 - 1926,
The dance instructor, teaching dance tricks.
First African-American graduate of Newburgh Free Academy,
Breaking the lasting barrier left behind by slavery.
He left a trail for you, you, you and me,
Now we too can graduate from Newburgh Free Academy.
Changing music, changing minds,
Inspiring people of all kinds.
With music and dance, they taught all ages,
In music the mutual language of all races.
Freeing slaves too, basements bringing hope,
The Underground Railroad is starting to grow.
Christmas Day
We soon
By: Alondra N
Freestyle/List Poems
 The Common Coqui
Live in Puerto Rico, Vieques
and Culebra
In dirt I lurk
Great night vision
Seeing in the dark
Mascot of the island
I´m everywhere
Mottled, freckled-brown
Brown like a bear
or grayish-brown in color.
My colors aren´t that bright
Nocturnal predator
which means I eat at night.
Lays “clutch” of 16 to 40 eggs 
That´s a lot!
Live in Mesic broad forests
There it´s hot!
Mountains and urban areas
Lots of grass and rock
Lays eggs in water
Then gets on the ground and walks.
by Aleina N
w/guidance from Hendrix H
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Speech Bubble
December Holiday Season

Opening gifts
Let's go!
Christmas Tree
It's so beautiful!
Hot chocolate milk
It's hot!
Home Alone movie
It's too funny!
Family Sleepover
OMG! I'm excited!
You want cookies?
Christmas songs
La la la la la la da
I love this!
Eating turkey
Delicious! Yum!
Temporada de Vacaciones de Diciembre

Abriendo regalos
Árbol de navidad
Es muy bonito!
Leche de chocolate caliente
Es muy caliente!
Una película solo en casa!
Es muy gracioso!
Pijamada familiar
Estoy emocionado!
¿Quieres galletas?
Canciones de navidad
La la la la la la da
Amo esto!
Comiendo pavo
Delicioso! Mmmmm!
I'm Angello L. I originally came from Peru. Peru is a country from South America. I came to the U.S.A. 1 year ago in 2022. I had to learn English so I could communicate. I already knew some words in English but I didn't speak fluently. After 2 months I work hard and then I could speak it fluently.