Collaborative Poetry Book

by Stirling Primary School


About the class…
Stirling Primary School is a co-ed school from East London, South Africa 🇿🇦.
We take pride in the competitive mindset that we have at our school!
We are passionate in all that we do, whether it be on the sports field, classroom, playground or stage…
This book of poetry was completed by a group of grade 6’s who are passionate about poetry and technology.

We hope that you enjoy it 🫶🏻
Tongue Twister
Bro’s Biceps

A bro I know
Thought he could grow his biceps
blowing bubblegum.
The more Bro-Bro blows
The more Bro’s biceps grow.
Bro-Bro blows blueberry bubblegum bubbles.
Bubbles of bubblegum Bro-Bro blows!

As Bro-Bro blows,
The bubblegum bubble grows.
As the bubblegum bubble grows,
Bro-Bro’s biceps grow.
Bro’s biceps grow
And grow
Bro-Bro’s biceps pop!
flexed biceps
Desserts and cakes
Untitled Design
Bring on the cake
It’s time to celebrate
Ready for the fun
Time to blow out the candles
Happy Birthday to me
Don’t forget my present
Anything will do
You’re invited

Party packs for everyone
All sorts of sweets
Ribbons, balloons and colours galore
Time for fun
Yippie to me
Shape Poem
There once was a man from Peru
Who didn’t know what to do.
Like a mole,
He dug a hole
All the way to Timbuktu.
There once was a man from Peru,
Who was missing a brain cell or two.
He looked in his ear,
For he was struggling to hear.
Perhaps they were stuck there like glue?