Touching Words

by Cristiana Silva Baptista


Touching Words
Cristiana Baptista
About the author
Cristiana Baptista, 17 years old,
Wishing to be heard by the whole world.

The days pass by and I grow, I thrive,
A flower blooming, vibrant and alive.
Dream of writing and translating too,
Young and naive, a future to pursue.

My words are like music,
A beautiful song.
Flowing with emotion,
Heartfelt and strong.

Maybe I'll leave you my mark,
(Hope) I shine and light up the dark.
So, with courage and grace,
Please embrace,
my words.
11th grade student
Escola Secundária Fernando Namora
Amadora, Portugal
photo by: @kikirose._
Write poetry, let your words flow,
unleash your thoughts, set your feelings free.
In verse or prose, simple or grand,
Let your heart guide your hand.

Write of love, of friends, of family, too,
of the world around us, of skies so blue.
Write of life and all it's things,
of the joy it gives, of the pain it stings.

Write not just for fame nor for gain,
But for the pleasure it brings,
Write for yourself, for those you love,
For the world to see, for the heavens above.

So, when you read what you have written,
A different quote, a fresh insight,
A new perspective may be borned,
And in that moment, you’ll feel alive.

She despises the rain,
But delights in water's play,
Basks in the sun's warmth,
But not in its fierce display.

In shades of red, pink, white, or blue,
She's an enchanting sight, ever new.

People often overlook her for her thorns,
But like us, she's got a spirit that adorns.

Her heart lies behind a towering wall of stone.
If you accept it,
Please handle it with care,
Lest it be thrown.
I used to say, sometimes a LITTLE
was a little too much
But, you never understood such

So, I added an L
Like the words
feel and fell

And they are a lot different
If you think well
photo by: @kikirose._
Look around, up and down
I see a crowd
Come here, I found
A nice place to talk

At 5.34 pm, the rain pours down
Wrapped in a nice cardigan
Bought by my friend
We stroll, feeling the cold wind

The cute sweaters, hot tea or chocolate
Although now it’s raining, I can’t complain
As fate brings my long-time friend
She’s late, once again

Raindrops fall on our cardigans
Hoping for her future without those men.
Staring at the blue, beautiful, brilliant sky
Without anyone to ask why

Me and my friend on the sandy shore
Breaking all the rules she had as a child
It’s another day, another night
At 5.34 pm, believing our lives are so wild

Winter draws to a close
Can’t bare the fact that
I can still feel the cold inside
Without anyone to warm me

The pain is real, though.
I haven’t seen her for a while.

Now my flower and I
We both look at the sky
Hoping the pain will subside
So joy blooms like a tide.
photo by: @kikirose._