Grade 5 the Wykeham Collegiate

by Grade 5 Girls


Grade 5
The Wykeham Collegiate
Mrs Taylor
Grade 5
The Grade 5 girls, a special kind,
With hearts of gold and brilliant minds,
They dance and sing and laugh with glee,
And spread their love for all to see.

They run and play and climb up high,
Exploring the world, reaching for the sky,
Their dreams and aspirations taking flight,
As they strive to make the world right.
They stand up for what they believe,
And never let anyone deceive,
For they know the power of their voice,
And use it well, to make a choice.

For they are the future, strong and true,
With endless possibilities, shining through,
And we are grateful for all they bring,
To this world, this life, this everything.
Dogs are my friends.
We play until the day ends.
They come when I call,
And they love to chase the ball.
When I hear them bark,
I know it’s getting dark.
Ella Kelbrick
Wild Dogs
Wild and free.
In the shadows.
Lunching and crunching.
Dwarf mongoose bones scattered across the ground.
Dens with hungry pups.
Overly protective mothers.
Gliding into the darkness.
Strange silhouettes lurking at night.
Eloise Suttie
Lightning fast
Extreme echo roars past
Out of the trees on to the ground
Precious patterns all around
Always alert when danger appears
Rapid eyes scans the savannah
Dangerous leopard oh how wonderful you are
Tejal Kallicharan