Nursery Play & Engage

by The Spring Grove Gazette


Play and Engage Sessions: A Joyful Journey for Nursery Children and Parents
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Play & Engage
Parents and children enjoying
games together
Enhancing Nursery Experience for Children and Parents.
In an exciting new initiative, the nursery has introduced 'Play & Engage' sessions, designed to enrich the educational journey of our youngest learners.
Led by Clare King, our esteemed Sports Impact coach, these sessions are creating an environment where children and parents come together to play, learn, and bond before the school day begins.
The response from participating parents has been overwhelmingly positive.
Many leave with smiles on their faces, delighted by the opportunity to actively engage with their children in a stimulating environment.

One nursery child even exclaimed, "This is the best day ever!" following the first session. Another one said " I love this!".
What are the benefits of Play & Engage for both children and parents?

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