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Mrs. Cortez About Me

by Rita-Renee C. Cortez


About Me Book
About Me Book
Basic Information
Page 1
Name: Mrs. Cortez
Nickname: Cortez Sensei
Born on: Guam
Birth Month: September
Watashi no namae wa Sensei desu.
Watashi wa Ni-Juu-Kyuu-sai desu.
Page 2
Digital Art
Karaoke with Friends
Studying the Bible and its characters
Page 3
Exercising such as weight lifting
I love humor and finding relatable memes to make life less unbarable.
Listening to all kinds of music.
Currently enjoying musicals like Miss Saigon
Page 4
Not a fan of any of these creatures..
Something others may not know about me...
End Page
AKB48- A very popular girl group in Japan was filming their music video at the University of Guam. At this time I was a student and saw them film and got a couple of autographs. This group is still very popular today but some members (out of 40-50 members) are no longer part of the group.