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by Lindy Zahida Yunasy Damayanti


Listening skill is one of the most important abilities to be owned by people in communication. By comprehending the messages delivered orally, the communication will effectively happen. If there is no effective communication, there will be gap between the speakers and the listeners. The gap will create misunderstanding that can lead to the feeling of being irritated and frustrated. Listening activities is the most frequent activities done in communication as it takes 45% of communicating activities. Therefore, it is no wonder that listening comprehension becomes the first skill to be taught for language learning, especially for English language learning.

Listening is designed to fulfill the needs of meeting the objectives of listening in basic communication. The book is created to help English language learners and students to have the basic skill of listening supported by everyday topics. The topics involved in this book are chosen based on frequently-happened communication when interacting with families at home, peers at schools or campus, and teachers in the classrooms. The topics also cover the issues of environment and considers the local content as they are important to be inserted in the process of teaching and learning.