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The Legend Of Skypea

by Jones, Kairisen


The Legend Of Skypea
Chapter I : The Escape
It all started in Veritas, the place it was forbidden to leave. I had never met my dad, my mom said he died; but I do not believe that. I
believe he is still out there somewhere, and maybe someday I could meet
him. I had been planning for weeks to get out of here. And at last, I found a
way; it was going to happen tonight, when the clock hits 10:00. It felt like
days before the time came; I had to move quickly, and quietly. I made it out
and I set out on my journey to Skypea, but after about an hour into my journey,
I came across a village with a big sign that said, “Village of Dodona." On
my way in, I saw what looked like a 17-year-old. He asked, “Have you heard of a
boy named Ethereal?” I was shocked due to him calling my name. So, I just
replied “Uhh, no” Afterwards, I stopped there to get some food and supplies,
such as a tent and a sleeping bag. Before I left, I
grabbed all of the money I had saved up, I tried to spend it wisely, but wisely
soon became greedily. Knowing I would have no more money for food, I ate
one meal a day. A slice of bread, and a glass of water, if that is even worth
calling a meal. I continued my journey down a rough, overgrown trail.
Chapter II : The Journey
I travelled around looking for information on the legendary island Skypea, but hadn’t found anything. Until one day I met a strange man. He said he heard about Skypea from
a friend of his and said I could find him at the green forest. I ask him in which
direction the green forest is in, and he points down a smooth trail that was
nicely cut out. He says “Follow that trail and take your first right, from
there go straight until you find an old wooden cabin. I began on my journey
down the trail, and I arrived at a right-hand turn that leads into a trail that
looks like it hasn’t been touched in years. I begin
down the trail, getting scratched by the sharp sticks sticking out of the
ground and out of the trees. After a while of walking, I find the old cabin
just like the man had said. I walk up to the door and knock. The door creaks
open slowly, and an old man comes from the other side. He says, “Why hello,
young one, what are you doing out here in the green forest?” I reply “I heard
you know of the legendary floating island, Skypea. Is that true?” and he
replied in his old voice, “Yes, it is, why do you ask of it?” I reply, “I am
searching whereabouts it is, do you think you could tell me?” and he spoke “Why
of course, it is on top of an old mountain know as mount Trophonius, you will
know you're at the right mountain if there is a podium on top, it's somewhere
in that direction.” As he pointed towards a group of mountains.
Chapter III : Worthiness
After a long time of searching, I found the mountain, I knew because it had the podium above like the man had said. So, I began to climb it. After what felt like hours of climbing, I had reached 7
small islands, I sighed and began to climb up the first island. After I reached
the first island, there was nothing but land, I passed through the island on to
the next, nothing again. Island after island I find nothing, shreds of grass, land,
and dust. Soon after I had reached the last island, I journeyed across it and
climbed up to Skypea. Soon after reaching the top, I see what looks to be a
king using what looks to be the power of light and wind, fighting a mysterious
figure using gravitational force of power. Seeing the king being beat up, I
wanted to help, I needed to. I saw the figure charging up what looked to be a
powerful attack, I had to strike, and fast. I jump in front of the beam of
gravity, holding my hand out to stop the attack, waiting for the worse to come,
but I feel nothing. I stand there with my eyes closed, waiting. But nothing
happens. I open my eyes, and I see lightning, coming from the palm of my hand,
blocking the attack! Shortly after the lightning stopped, another figure
appeared in the distance...
Chapter IV : Fury
I heard him call “Ethereal?!” I stay quiet, and he says, “Hey wait! Didn’t I see you
earlier?” “I am not quite sure if I did.” I reply. He said ‘Well that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we stop him from
getting the sword!” I replied, “What sword?!” As he replied, “That one!” As he
pointed behind me. I prepared myself to go into battle with this what looks to
be no ordinary god. He told me, “Grab the sword! Quickly!” he yelled, as I
dashed towards the sword, seconds before grabbing I suddenly get flung away
from the sword, as I look over at the mysterious god, seeing his hand out with
a mysterious purple aura pointing towards me. I grab a sword from a fallen
warrior, and I charge at the god, barely piercing the gods armor, he launches
me back with his gravitational force.
 As he spoke, “Well Ethereal you better stab me
harder than that!” as he chuckled. Me and the mysterious teenager were furious,
barraging him with punches, lightning, swords, and all we had, that was until…
He unleashes his powerful form, putting the odds in his favor. Or, so he
thought, the teenager releases his powerful form, making this battle one to be
remembered throughout centuries. The clash continued, striking back and forth,
powers being thrown in every direction, the island's ground being torn apart,
one shred of grass at a time.
Chapter V : The Battle
The battle went on for a while, scars on everyone’s body.
But then the teenager managed to get the sword and threw it at me. I catch the
sword, the blade glows lightning blue. I feel the power of the sword running
through my veins, power, like none other. As the god, Apocalypse, holds the man
in the air, choking him. I felt the sudden urge of fury, I had to save him. I
rush towards the god, charging with my sword. My eyes, more focused than ever,
on my one mission. I couldn’t fail, the man who
saved me, his life depended on it. He blocks my first strike with his
powers, but he could not hold me off for much longer, the god then proceeded to
slam the ground with such force that it rocked the whole island itself. The
teenager then somehow summoned a portal to hold up the island. But while the
god was distracted, I stabbed him as hard as I could. So, the sword impales him
completely through the chest. My eyes begin to glow lightning blue, as the
sword implodes in a shower of sparkles and shards. A light shower of rain appeared;
a moment of silence came upon me. It was at that moment a man in golden armor
came up to me and spoke “Skypea will remember you through their whole legacy. But
you must return home, like all great heroes.”