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by 홍준성


Don't Judge Things by their Looks
This short story is mainly for underage children and therefore mustn't be read by adults (If you still dare read this as an adult then prepare to be cringed)
I was peacefully walking along the streets when a classmate of mine named Sean suddenly ambushed me. Although I was relatively surprised as well as irritated to see this imbecile once again, I said in a extremely frustrated voice, "What do you want kid?"
Sean replied hastily "Er, Jerry wanna go out and see a Tango movie with me?"
I was in pure shock as Sean had never asked me to go out and do something with him. (Sean was an egocentric kid who lacked a dozen or so brain cells)
I wasn't sure what to say, but as I was a 'kind' guy so I replied with a hesitant yes.
Sean gave me a ticket to a tango concert and told me to meet him there at 6:00p.m.

Just out of pure curiosity, I searched up this 'concert' which Sean wanted to watch with me so much. Out of the 50,000+ reviews I saw that there were 49,999 negative reviews. (The 1 positive one was from the supervisor of this concert, even the band members thought it was trash) I sighed with pain, wondering how much of a painful time I'd have during this concert.
I arrived at the place where the Tango concert was being held, I saw Sean sitting in the front row of the concert and ran towards him. We waited for the show to begin. The concert started and everyone started booing. I was about to join them, but I suddenly realized that this was an amazing performance. After the concert, I learned a important lesson.
Never Judge things without experiencing it firsthand.

(Also, just note that the concert was actually incredibly bad, it was just Jerry who had a errr well an amazing brain)