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Fair Test Investigation

by Katie O' Donovan


Science- Fair Test Investigation
Materials to use when doing the experiment:
Thought Bubble
Metre stick, tennis balls ( cold, room temperature and hot), investigation sheet, A3 page, markers ( to draw graph), phone (to take pictures and video)
Enquiry Qs:

How will we find out which ball bounces higher?
Does temperature affect the bounce of the ball?
What will we do to gather an answer to these questions?
The Investigation in Action
Each participant had a tennis ball of different temperature ( hot, cold and room temperature).

The balls were dropped at the same time to observe which ball bounced the highest.

The metre stick was used to gather an accurate reading of the height of the ball bounce.
The Results
The Findings of the Investigation
Speech Bubble
The results presented that the ball that was stored in the freezer, bounced the least at 25cm.

The hottest tennis ball bounced the highest at 70cm.

The room temperature ball bounced somewhere in between at 50cm.