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The Enchanted Forest and the four Seasons.

by Ilhaam Samsodien Parker


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The Enchanted Forest and the four Seasons
Poems by Ilhaam Samsodien Parker
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Open your minds eye and allow your dreams to unfold...
Listen with your heart to the poems that were once untold.
Give your imagination room to grow and learn about what you already know.
Tap into the enchanted that lives within your soul.
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All poems composed about the four seasons are factual. It highlights the basic nature of the season as well as add creative images to activate the readers imagination. Songs to sing, help paint a clear cognitive understanding. Song encourages active participation and brings meaning and a personal intimacy. Articles give a broader perspective as well as scientific accuracy. All this gives the reader a holistic experience and allows the reader to connect, reflect and grow.
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Butterflies dance upon the gentle rays of the sun,
Birds start to sing,
Spring has begun.
The earth warmed and nurtured every last seed,
And gave the kingdom- of man, of plants and of animals- all the rest they need.
Now like before the grass is green and sky is blue,
Everything is fresh and new.
Flowers bloom once again and leaves start to grow,
The enchanted forest has a remarkable glow.
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The enchanted forest lit by the warm rays of the sun,
The time is now to relax and have some fun.
No wind,
No rain or blistering cold,
Lets go out side and be ever so bold.
Feel the heat of the earth as we run between the wooded trees,
Explore,discover and create like the birds and bees.
And when the long day of the summer sun starts to set,
Let us have in memory treasures of its warmth-
Treasures we will never forget.
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Something magical happens in these enchanted woods,
Something so amazing but almost never understood.
When the Autumn leaves change and fall gently upon the ground,
The cold wind blows- rustling the leaves making a mystical sound.
Even though the trees seem cold and bare,
And the sun starts to fade everywhere.
The sky starts to blend with the night and slowly becomes grey,
The bears go to sleep and the birds fly away.
Autumn has come,its the dawn of a new day.
The magic that happens beneath the blanket of leaves-
Will show itself soon, just wait and see!
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