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by Kush Joshi


Table of contents
1. Minecraft basics

2. Mobs

3. Bosses and hardest mobs

4. equipment
There are lots of games in the world. You probably know some of them. Today I'm going to tell you about the one and only best game in the universe... Minecraft
Minecraft is a game with 2 modes . The first mode is called survival. In survival mode you have 2 bars. These bars are called the health bars and food bars. The health bar shows how many hearts you have. If you run out of hearts. You are DEAD. The food bar shows your hunger. If your hunger runs out you will eventually die if you don't eat in time. When you health is low and you fill your food bar up, you will heal.
Mobs Chapter 2
Mobs you might face are creepers, skeletons, spiders, and zombies. These mobs can be dangerous without equipment.
The creeper is hard mob to defeat if you are new. This is because they blow up whenever you get close to it! One way to kill a creeper is by going close, quickly coming back and repeating the process until it dies. You will get gunpowder by killing it. This can be used for TNT and fireworks!
Skeletons are also dangerous. In fact they have unlimited arrows! You'll need a shield to block the annoying health taking arrows. This means if you want to defeat a skeleton without hardly losing any will need a shield and they are made with iron and wood planks. If you have a shield and the skeleton shoots you, then the arrow will reflect on the shield and hit the skeleton if you are close enough.
Zombies are a common mob. Zombies have 10 hearts, just like the player! However there's a twist, a zombie can make villagers zombie villagers and spawn in hordes. That's why players have to protect their villagers. The villagers can be infected, if not infected the n they will DIE. This is why Zombies are famous all around Minecraft. This why Iron Golems guard villages.
Spiders are common mobs too. There are 2 types of spiders. The first one is a normal spider, it is not venomous. It can also climb up wall. The second type of spider is the cave spider. These can only spawn by a player in creative or a mob spawner in a mineshaft. It is also venomous and can climb walls like the normal spider. So I'd recommend to stay away from them.
A phantom