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in less than a blink of an eye

by Rital Al-Zubiady

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In Less Than a Blink Of an Eye
Written by Rital Al-zubiady
A day sinking under the heat, while the sun smirks over the helpless dry bark.

A snap of a twig can be heard over the baron land, Cockatoos screech, not a drop in sight.
The unexpected happens..... a swarm of animals rush out behind the trees with the boiling hot fire chasing after them. As the ground boils beneath them, all they can do is run, run far far away.
The bitter taste of life adds fuel to the fire as birds begin to flee from the devastation, seeking safety.

Fire crackling as they take flight.
The fire set blaze and tore houses down bit by bit. Ashes thicken, fire grows, lives decrease every second.

Uncertainty of what might happen next.
Depression, anxiety expands throughout the area. Fires get angrier by the second. Viciously spreading throughout, burning everything to a crisp.
slowly life disintegrates...
As the fire enlarges fear creeps in.
Trees yelp, crying helplessly and hopelessly.

The time passes, no one is there to help.

"When will it all end?''
Thick smoke fills the air, loss comes in the train of fire. Help is needed, but all we could do is scream.