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by Blanca Mondragón Guido


Digital Album.
Blanca Abigail Mondragón Guido.
1. The Language Lesson Structure.
Three important reasons why I chose this topic:

1. The importance of the lesson structure is the order.

2. As teachers we should be a guide in teaching children.

3. The structure of the lesson helps us to have everything established in time.
Five important words in the Language Lesson Structure.
1. Language:
2. Openings:
We should encourage the learning of vocabulary.

The opening of a lesson consists of helping students prepare and motivation.
4. Rhythm: 
It is important because it includes observation of students in their participation and work time.
3. Sequence:
It is how a lesson is divided into segments and how they relate to each other.
5. Closing: 
It is where we can observe and support the student with the topic of the class.
2. Resourcing and Materials.
Important points of the topic are:


Three important reasons why I chose this topic:

1. The resources include reflection within the classroom.

2. It is important for enriching learning.

3. Teachers are critical users of resources.