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by Harlowe G


Table of contents
1 What are rocks
2 How rocks form
3 Coal
4 How rocks feel
What are rocks? Well, rocks
Are solid that can come in all shapes and sizes.
What are rocks made of?
Rocks are made of minerals.
And minerals
Are just rocks
When they get smashed up into little tiny pieces.
Where rocks can be everywhere you can find them at parks pools and sidewalks and a lot more places .

Have you ever went to McDonald's and got a burger or chicken nuggets and fries should you know the salt on the fries are minerals. fact:
Salt is a sedimentary rock.
How rocks form.
Rocks can
Form in three different ways.
One way is igneous rock its formed from
A volcano when the volcano erupts and lava cools down it becomes magma. Another way rocks form is sedimentary rock. Rocks are broken into small pieces with. Wind. Rain and ice. These pieces are called sediment. The last way rocks form is metamorphic rock on the earth we stand on huge slabs of rock called tectonic set time. Plates these plates are always moving but most of the time we cannot feel them move when Place move past each other or crash into each other. The rocks are heated up and squeeze this kid changes the Rocks they become an metamorphic.
Coal is a sedimentary rock if you burn it is bad for the environment but that's the only way to make it look for the day and if you burn it in your house that isn't also very good for your health.
coal is a sedimentry rock. if you burn it its bad
For the environment.
But it is the only way to make electricity
For free.