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Sara go to the hospital

by Sabina Romero

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Sara goes to
the hospital
Sabina Romero and Valeria Munevar
One day, Sara was playing
in the park with her toys.
She ran and fell down.

-Dad, I fell down and my knee hurts a lot!
*Let's go to the hospital
At the hospital...
+What parts of your body hurt, Sara?
-My knees and my hands.
The doctor checks her body.

+What part of the body is this?
-This is my head.
+What part of the body is this?
-These are my hands.
+Oh, Sara you have a scratch on your knee. Don't worry, you will be fine, let's put a band-aid.
-Thanks doctor, I am well now.

What parts of your body hurt when you fall down?