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Bald Eagles

by Cyrus DeFalcoTatro


Bald Eagles
By Cyrus DeFalco Tatro
Bald Eagles are very interesting animals. I have found a lot of interesting information about bald eagles. Some facts that I will share with you are their habitats, diet, and interesting facts.
Do you know where bald eagles live? They live in Mexico, Canada, United states, and Noth America.They are in trees.Theymake a big nest from twigs and sticks
Do you know what bald eagles eat? Eagles eat fish, birds, rodents, snakes, and also worms.
There are so many amazing facts about bald eagles. They stay with the same mate for life. Also mother bald eagles stay with their chicks for twelve weeks. Bald eagles can live 28 years in the wild. Eagles eat any food they can find.
I hope you enjoyed my report. I hope someday you can see a bald eagle too!