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,,Stand by me”

by Simona Saroni


According to Greek Mythology, the first volunteer was Prometheus, the Titan who stole the fire from Gods and gave it to humans, bringing knowledge and art to the world. Volunteering is the skeleton that can serve as an antidote to the crisis and social inclusion. Also, as a factor in creating active European citizens.
STAND BY ME project, will work in making it worldwide and sustainable by forming a European networking group of passionate teachers and pupils.
Volunteering is defined as volitional provision of services without being paid or rewarded. Thus, people are called volunteers when unselfishly offer time, knowledge or services.
STAND by ME project empowers these values focusing in creating active volunteer citizens.
„STAND BY ME ” 019-1-EL01-KA229-062447

Sixth schools were involved in this project:
- 4th Primary School of Lamia, GREECE
- Bercsenyi Miklos Altalanos Iskola, HUNGARY
- Șc. Gimn. Aron Densușianu Hațeg, ROMÂNIA
- Grandaskoli, ICELAND
- Istituto Comprensivo A.Leonori,ITALY
- Italan koulu, FINLAND
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Erasmus group ,,Stand by me” at the Iceland President House
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Teachers talking about Icelandic education system