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The Journey to Confidence

by Halle Babiker-Thurston

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The Journey to confidence
By Halle
In a forest there was a damp cavan .It was not a nasty cavan with spiky walls and centipedes,it was a dragon cave and that meant comfort.The dragon that lived there was the shy and sensitive Harly the dragon girl.
In the night as Harly was preparing her midnight feast, which was usual for her kind, but at the moment a horrible noise of ice screeching somebody was trying to get in suddenly the boulders flung open in the snow queen appeared she had requested her company to go to the confidence mountain to steal the confidence stone.” fine, but only because the last one I have from centuries ago looks like it’s rubble.
Travelling for many hours, on end, they reached a mysterious clearing and that’s when it happened. The snow queen disappeared, leaving no trace, but a pile of snow. as Harly started to turn back, she remembered I think her mum taught her.”Arrrrrrrrrrr” A flood of animals came, so they set off, looking for the snow queen, a snake and a monkey and a fly had found her” I was just getting food. Sorry I forgot to tell you how to teleport two. I will teach you now, but you can only teleport 5 miles per day just hold my hand and they disappeared.A do you have snow in the pile of rubble where about to become best friends.
Relieve say reveal themselves from the carers at the foot of a horrendously high mountain, slowly they climb to the top and…” in all my 13 years, I have not seen a floating pair of eyes.”
” that’s not a floating pair of eyes that’s a snow yeti!”
Matching the ice was a snow, yeti camouflaged in the ice, except for bedy pair of eyes and two black horns.” start dancing.” whispered Harly a hip and a hop Suddenly the monsters bedy eyes turned and Harly made a run for it. She was in!
Throu a dark, Crystal passage of glowing caves in the distance and “Ahhhrrrrrr I was not screaming.” A statue was there … a dragon. That did not scare me. Thought Harly then she saw strange letters in the wall
Alive She read it out Then the
The dragon was here.” I will end you .”
The dragon statue came to life. “No no no… please just no. “ But it was too late
“But how?”
”I will squeeze you to death.”
”How about you poison me?”
”Ok what will happen?”
” well first, I will turn Green.”
Only the master turns green but he didn’t notice.
“Then I will inflate.”
only now the monster noticed.
And then the monster went pop!
How did she do it? She put the monsters tentacle in her shirt, and when it stung her, it got a stung .
Out of the explosion the stone appeared, then she saw a sword in the corner. “Oh she said” as she realised what she should have done she grabbed the stone and spoke to her “ found it on the journey, and it will be sourced inside of the stone if needed.
“Cool.” so she was on her way. The best of friends, even if they didn’t know it yet.
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