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Climate and Sustainability

by Kathryn McManus


Kathryn Mc Manus

Climate and Sustainability

5th June 2023
So, what is climate change?
Climate change  is the process of our planet heating up.
Scientists believe that since the industrial revolution, human activity has caused the Earth to warm up by approximately 1°C. While this might not sound like much, it means big things for the people and wildlife and for us on our Earth!
Rising temperatures does not cause only nicer weather - it also makes our climate more extreme and unpredictable. This means that events such as extreme heatwaves and heavy rainfall will happen more often.
What causes climate change?
1. Burning Fossil Fuels
2. Farming
3. Deforestation
How will Climate Change affect our planet?
The earth has had many different tropical climates and ice ages over the millions of years it has existed, it has never changed temperature so quickly. This is because we, as humans, are causing this temperature rise. It does not happening naturally.

A warmer climate could affect our planet in several ways:
- More rainfall
- Changing seasons
- Shrinking sea ice
- Rising sea levels
What Can We Do to Help Reduce Climate Change?

There are many ways we can help reduce climate change:
1. Try and reduce the amount of meat/dairy you eat and drink
2. Take shorter showers and don't leave the taps running to save water
3. Ride a bike or walk where you can
4. Use public transport when you can
5. Turn off things such as your tablet and the TV when you are not using them