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By: Raymond Gonzalez, Noah Brezovar and Mason Molthen
The A203 Project

Original House
Are you looking to buy an affordable but still beautiful house? Then you came to the right place. We have found a way to build houses using Frank Lloyd Wright’s original floor plans from the American System Built Homes. These houses were affordable and could sustain the average American household. Now though, moving on in the future things need to be more modern and changes to the floor plan have to be made. We have found a way to build a house that meets modern day requirements and demands of the community while still including the greatest architect ever, Frank Lloyd Wright’s best features in our house. Our new design is affordable, sustainable, truly beautiful and definitely will be your dream house. 

New Renovated House

We have made many modern renovations to the home. Including to the outside of the house and the interior. This is a truly beautiful and up to date house using Frank Lloyd Wright's home design.
Design Principles
  1. Lots of Natural Light: Big open windows to let in a ton of natural light for you, sunlight can light up house instead of electricity.
  2. Modern floor plan : Keeps the house modern and open, gives room for flexibility and any customization.
  3. Energy Efficient: Lots of windows keep the area lit up and not need lights or lamps. Lots of air flow make it so when your hot you won't need to use your air conditioning as much.

Meet the Designers
My name is Raymond I am a freshman at Nathan Hale and I enjoy playing video games in my spare time.
My name is Mason I am a freshman and I play baseball.
My name is Noah I am a freshman and I play many sports like basketball,football and I have a girlfriend.