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Jackson Thieneman Compassion

by Jackson Thieneman


Spongebob and Compassion
By Jackson Thieneman
What is compassion?
Compassion is making sure people are ok when they are sad. It can also be to help pick others up when they are down.
One example would be if your friend is having a bad day because they fell and got hurt. The way to show compassion would be to talk to them and show that you care and try and cheer them up.
What is compassion
Compassion is to pick others up
Be there for other when they need it
If they make a sad sound
Make sure nobody stays down
Make sure nobody has a frown
It is to be a good friend
It is always good to send
Compassion to everyone to the end
That's what compassion is
One day Patrick was outside and saw Spongebob walking Gary. He decided to ask him a question he had been thinking about.
"Hey Spongebob! Do you know what compassion is?"
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"Compassion is when you show that you care for someone when their sad Patrick!"
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The Next Day
Patrick went to Spongebob's house and found him crying about something.
"Whats wrong Spongebob?"
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"Gary went missing!"
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