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The 2200’s: An Exploration (Introduction)

by Victoria Mitchell, Charlotte Watts, Ella Samson, and Maddy Brouillard


The 2200’s:
An Exploration
by Maddie Brouillard
Victoria Mitchell
Ella Samson
& Charlotte Watts
This exhibit explores the many walks of life and cultures of the 23rd century. You will be following four particular people and their relationships with the world around them. Throughout these collected pieces, you will take a sneak peek inside each person’s life and gain a sense of understanding about the rich history, dynamics, and the rise and fall of power hidden inside the 2200’s.

Timeline of Events
Timeline of Events
2131- Andrew enters boot camp for the United States, soon to be sent to Mars.
2150 - First “CareBot” model available for purchase, “Nova” assembled
2113 - Andrew Collin Michael, destined for UMars, is born on Earth
2154- Andrew is one of 20 soldiers sent to Mars to begin the building process.

2155- Andrew’s wife and newly born daughter arrive on UMars.
2210s - Nadia Opefix repairs first ship
July 2223 - Nadia Opefix reassigned to Starship Regnolium, a few thousand miles off Mars
July 2200- Andrew Collin Michael passes away from old age.
May-June 2223 - Nadia Opefix leads a one-woman repair strike on the Aurelia Docking Port, 1.2 Astronomical Units from Venus.
June 23rd 2237 - Claude Gaskin IV is killed
August 27th, 2223 - Astra Xander, mother of Secorah Xander, dies via airlock breach on Regnolium
August 30th 2223 - CareBot “Nova” attempts to save young Secorah Xander from the leader of a shipwide coux. Nova is retired by Nadia Opefix.
2250’s - Nadia Opefix repairs final ship, retires
September 16st 2236 - Claude Gaskin IV publishes famous Gabbler Articles on the death of Astra Xander
The 23rd century saw the rise of artificial intelligence used in many ways, including as CareBots for affluent children. One such Bot, “Nova”, was retired after a malfunction caused her to become too attached to subject Secorah Xander, who went on to become a renowned Captain of the vessel Regnolium. Nova embodies the plight of bots in general, discouraged from emotion and not given autonomy over their bodies.

Andrew Michaels is a Major General for the UMars Army. People are starting to evacuate Earth and head to other planets that have been thoroughly investigated and had numerous safety checks. Andrew was one of the first few people to live on Mars and now works for UMars military. He is engaged to Audrey Gauvin, a preschool teacher who is on her way to Mars and is pregnant. The UMars government is slowly controlling everyone without them knowing and Andrew wants to change that.