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Digital Strategy OLR

by Mrs Wilson


Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School
Digital Strategy
Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship
Digital identity: The ability to create and manage your online identity and reputation. This includes an awareness of your online persona and management of the short-term and long-term impact of your online presence. 

Digital use: The ability to use digital devices and media, including the mastery of control in order to achieve a healthy balance between life online and offline. 

Digital safety: The ability to manage risks online (e.g. cyberbullying, grooming, radicalisation) as well as problematic content (e.g. violence and obscenity), and to avoid and limit these risks. 

Digital security: The ability to detect cyber threats (e.g. hacking, scams, malware), to understand best practices and to use suitable security tools for data protection. 

Digital emotional intelligence: The ability to be empathetic and build good relationships with others online. 

Digital communication: The ability to communicate and collaborate with others using digital technologies and media. 

Digital literacy: The ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share and create content as well as competency in computational thinking 

Digital rights: The ability to understand and uphold personal and legal rights, including the rights to privacy, intellectual property, freedom of speech and protection from hate speech. 
Our Vision
In Our Lady of the Rosary Primary, our vision is to raise attainment, ensure equity and give all of our learners a valuable and up-to-date experience in using and learning about Digital Literacy.
Our Aim
We aim to challenge pupils and bring creativity and collaboration to the forefront through our use of Digital Technologies.

We aim to have pupil Digital Leaders, to support and motivate peers and staff.

We aim to ensure everyone has the digital capabilities needed for life, work and learning.
iPad Usage
2021 - 2022

We have 59 shared iPads which are shared between P1 - P6.

P1 and P2 each get iPads 1 between 2, for one day per week.

P3 - P6 each get 1-1 iPads, one day per week.

We have 20 surplus iPads which can be accessed daily, by any class.

Aug 2022 - Aug 2023

P1 have 6 iPads in class every day.

P2 - P4 receive 1-1 iPads for 2 days per week.

P5 - P7 have 1-1 iPads daily.

10 surplus iPads will be in the Technology base as and when needed.