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by Harry Ross

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my life in beans
Birth Friday 13th of Feb 1969 he was born in bean bean surgery his parents Mrs bean and Mr bean
Surname, bean
As an only child, Geoff was raised, by humble working-class, parents, who strived to teach their son the value of a hard days work. From weaning their son at six months old, it was clear that his favourite meal was baked beans in a toasty, a welcome choice given the expense of luxury food items at the time with him is the leading brand, Geoff became a firm fan of the retailer, desiring from an early age to one day work as an employee for the company, his job there lead to Manny of the milestones which inspired his designs with which we are so familiar to today;.
Produced by Natalie Harrison, written by Harry, Robert Ross illustrated, by Harry Robert Ross

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