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M. Sabeegh Abrahams E-Book
My teaching philosophy
The perspective with which I viewed teaching in my first year, is very similar to the perspective with which I view teaching currently. Albeit with the added benefit of pedagogical knowledge as well as experience with different learners in the classroom. My experience has taught me a lot about myself and has tested me in many ways. It has changed me in ways that has allowed me to better my teaching and ways of interacting. Firstly, my experience has taught me that as a teacher, patience is incontrovertibly important. Secondly, know your learners and know them well. These salient points go hand in hand to form a foundation with which to build my teaching practice upon. If I possess the patience to handle learners and get to know them, I may then better suit my strategies to the learners and the classroom as a whole. It is upon this foundation that I will build my pedagogical practice using the techniques, methods and models that I have assimilated during my tertiary education. This exists as an addition to my existing philosophy which is that I believe that learners learn best when they arrive at conclusions for themselves. A strategy which I have come to know as learner centredness. In addition, I believe that a teacher is to protect learners from his/her own influence so that the learners may find their own way instead of following a set, strict path. However, experience has taught me that a learner must be guided so as to help them reach their potential. Guidance then, is what a teacher should give to learners while teaching content to them while helping them along their own path to conclusions. Lastly, in recent experience in the classroom I have seen that learners who do not want to learn are intransigent in their stance and these learners will not learn if the intention is not there, no matter what is done by the teacher. In turn, I ruminate over how to incite drive and willingness to learn within learners. While this is an answer that still eludes me, I aim to make content interesting and relatable to learners while teaching in a way that attracts their attention. This is done in a bid to foster the willingness to learn. In turn, I believe that if a learner wants to learn, their progress will be significant. The aforementioned explications then is what I aim to accomplish during the emergence of my teaching career.
Classroom management tool
This tool is to be used in the classroom. The numbers are placed on the wall clear for learners to observe. The teacher indicates to the class which noise level is acceptable for the current situation.
This level indicates that learners are to be silent. This noise level is to be followed when work is being done and when concentration is required.
This level indicates that learners may talk in a manner that is not disturbing to others. To be followed during group work or pair work where closed discussion is required.
This level indicates that noise is allowed, under productive circumstances. To be followed under circumstances where whole class discussion takes place during teaching time and discussion time.
This level indicates that noise is allowed. This does not mean misbehavior but it means that learners are to engage with the whole class in certain circumstances. In cases where the jigsaw method is used for example.
Mohamed Sabeegh Abrahams


• Tel/fax: 041 481 9495 (home)
o 083 382 3993 (cell)

• Driver’s License: Yes, Code 8 (Own Transport)

• Attended Newton Technical High School from grade 8 to grade 12
o (2008 – 2012) (Matriculated)
• Attended Port Elizabeth Draughting Academy. (Certificate)
o (2014)
• Currently enrolled at Varsity College NMB as a 4th year B.Ed Intermediate
Phase student.
o (2019 – current).


• CAD 2D and 3D Instructor/Lecturer at Port Elizabeth Draughting Academy for two years after completing my studies. (2015 - 2016)

• Set up CAD tests for students at PEDA Draughting Academy as well as marking CAD papers.

• Previously employed at National Glass as an estimator. (2018).

• Various teaching experience done which included teaching as well as looking after various classes and misc. work.
• Schools where I served teaching experience includes Die Heuwel Primary (2019) and Parkside Primary (2020).

• Previously employed as an online Learning Coach for Evolve Academy (March 2022 – October 2022).
Fast learner, Good with people, Computer literate, Creative, Works well under pressure, Works well in a team, Confident.
• Qualified draughtsman.
• ADCC Grappling tournament medallist (2019 & 2022).
• Coaching under Head Coach at Dark Arts Jiu-Jitsu Academy.
• Grey belt in Jui Jitsu.

• Damien Goodrum (Manager at National Glass)

082 714 6453

• Liezel Blom (Educator and Senior Phase Head at Evolve Online School)

082 804 0996

• Esa Abrahams (Headmaster at Port Elizabeth Draughting Academy)

083 309 6366
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