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by Chan Qiuting


The Invisible Boy

      Sam was a quiet boy. Most of his classmates did not notice him.

      During recess, his classmates took turns choosing players for hide-and-seek. The best players got picked first. Then the best players would pick their friends. Only Sam was left, still waiting and hoping. His classmates looked in his direction and, just as quickly, looked away.

      “We have enough players,” said Jim, the class monitor.

      In the canteen, his classmates talked about the wonderful time they had at Susie’s party. Sam was not invited to the party. Sam hated recess. He walked sadly towards the field. With a ball and a hoop, Sam created his own game.

      Sam’s new English teacher, Mrs Rani, noticed Sam playing by himself. She joined him. His classmates noticed how much fun Sam and Mrs Rani were having. They pleaded with Sam to let them play as well. They loved Sam’s game. From then on, Sam was always picked first for recess games.                             

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