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Climate Change

by weiwei

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There are some actions children can do to prevent Climate Change. Three social and three environmental ways.
1. Replace the white women's lamp with fluorescent light.
Fluorescent lamps use 40% of the energy of ordinary white woven lamps to achieve the same brightness and using fluorescent lamps, 300 pounds of carbon dioxide can be avoided in the atmosphere each year
2. Don't leave the appliance on standby.
Use the switch button on the appliance to turn off the appliance directly, not with the remote control. Take three hours a day, for example, and for the remaining 21 hours, if the appliance is in standby mode, you'll waste 40% of your electricity
3. Reuse shopping bags.
Shopping is the refusal to use the store's single-use plastic bags to carry a cloth bag, both to save energy and avoid the generation of garbage
4. Keep the refrigerator away from heat
If you put the refrigerator close to the stove and heat it, you will consume more energy. Defrost the fridge or freezer regularly.
5. Buy fresh, not frozen, food
Frozen foods consume 10 times as much energy as non-frozen foods
6. Save on gasoline
Choose the right gear and don't apply the brakes indiscriminately. If it takes more than 1 minute for the car to stop, turn off the engine
This is based on people's daily life summed up the experience.
A video to explain the following terms and how they are connected to Climate Change.
a. Global Warming
b. Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
c. Fossil Fuels

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