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Middle School Monsters 22-23

by 6th Grade


My Stylish Sebastian
by: Kaleigh Andre
Sebastian lives in super sunny Singapore

Sebastian likes Sandy's scrumptious sandwiches,

Sebastian's favorite thing is sandcastle sculpting with Sammy,

Sebastian is surprisingly super stylish,

Sebastian likes to search for sea shells for his friends Sandy and Sammy,

Sebastian sculpted me a scrumptious salad for me.
Peloponesian The Toad
By: Cooper Arland
Peloponesian is my perfect, patient, passionate, pal

He lives in perfect Pen Avenue Pittsburgh next to Pennsylvania

He eats pickles, plums, pie, and peanuts

He likes pickles, poker, pasta, and peace

He has perfect, powerful, preposterous, powers

He prickly poked me perfectly in the palm
By: Maura Armstrong
My best creature friend is called a Bookwormian

My Bookwormian lives in a bibliotheca with bunches of books inside

He eats bananas, bacon, blueberries, and bagels for breakfast

He likes beagles, baking, bunnies, buttercups, ballet, and especially books

Bookwormians are bright blue, bookish, and bundles of joy

My Bookwormian bounced on my bed and built beautiful buildings out of toy bricks
Perry The Penguinian
By: Brooke Battersby
There once was a Penguinian named Princess Perry

Princess Perry lived in a palace in Poland where she gets lots of precipitation

She absolutely loves to eat pulled pork, pizza, pasta,
passion fruit, popcorn, pretzels, pies, and peach pastries.

But Perry’s favorite food is peanut butter pancakes
cooked to perfection

Princess Perry likes to go on picnics, she also likes
to play in pools with pigs and pool noodles

Perry once went to Portugal to watch a Panda eat
pineapple at a park playing paddleball.

 Princess Perry took me on a plane to Peru to buy me a pink Platypus and a purple pickleball net.