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European Jobs for you(th)

by Barbara Stieldorf, Branko Rumenović, Dora Neiva, Gerrit Donder, Ivana Stankovska, María José García, María José Moya, Helena Homedes, Tonia Cladera


European Jobs for You (th)
eTwinning project to improve job skillset
Croatia, Germany, North Macedonia, Portugal and Spain.
About this publication: Authors
Barbara Stieldorf, Branko Rumenović, Dora Neiva, Gerrit Donder, Ivana Stankovska, María José García, María José Moya, Helena Homedes, Tonia Cladera.
About the project
Do our students know what they need to do to fulfil their future job expectations? They make and will make important decisions that will shape their future. Maybe that when they finish their vocational and technical undergraduate courses at our schools, they are not aware of possible future labour contexts abroad.
While the world of work has undergone major changes in the last few decades, jobs expectations of youths have changed little. Only few of them include in their job expectations the possibility to work in a country different from theirs.
With the labour market undergoing rapid, essential change –decisions-making for our students are more important, but also more difficult.
This project will help our students have the opportunity to share their jobs dreams and expectations and will be aware of working abroad can also be a key point in their future careers.
Some of the aims of this project are:

1)To motivate students to better understand some possible future job profiles in their own countries and abroad
2)To actively know how to apply for different jobs in the European Union and beyond
3)To fortify the importance of marketable skills.
4)To access to trustworthy labour market information and advice/guidance from well-trained and impartial resources.
5)To foster curiosity, creativity, love for learning and to open their minds to different ways of living, thinking, and working
6)To connects classroom learning with future labour contexts and professional lives
7)To boost students’ understanding of jobs and careers abroad.
European Jobs for you (th)
Work process
Timeline of the project will be adjusted depending on pandemic situation in the project countries.
Our initial timeline could be modified according to the project path but approximately:
Up to September: Teachers pre-planning.
September: Welcome to eTwinning, code of conduct, commitment to netiquette rules, Twinspace, who is who, where we live, this is our school and international teams. Communication in forums.
October: Job profile knowledge brainstorming. What kind of jobs could our students develop as soon as they finish their vocational studies? Student will create digital products to share possible job profiles in all countries of the project partners.
November-December: Students will explore on the internet some jobs offers and vacancies related to their education and will prepare an application form according to the offer.
January-February: How could our student apply for jobs abroad? They will share their CV created with a variety of IT tools in order to improve their digital knowledge and marketable skills with the ideas and contributions from all eTwinners.
March-June: Students will finish their collaborative activities, create project products, reflect on project and evaluate it.
Comic Panel 1
Expected results
Comic Panel 1
*Marketable, digital, social and communication skills improvement.
*International chances of work awareness in motion.
*International Twinspace with digital products to foster our students expectations to work abroad.
*An international e-Book of European jobs and a Blog to share and disseminate our students’ skillset improvement.
*Virtual exhibition of posters and any other digital products created in the project.
European Jobs for you (th)
Where we live
European Jobs for you (th)
European Jobs for you (th)
Educational Objectives
Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound
Project outcomes
Reviewing the job responsibilities and duties
Job profile
Sharing the vocational education and training (VET) courses
Curriculum Vitae
Searching job offers on the internet
Preparing CV to apply for a job
Acting as employers giving positive feedback to jobseekers.
Job offer
School Institutions
Job application form
School and holidays calendar
Some international Days 2021
European Jobs for you (th)
Pedagogical approaches
Driving questions
Tone: Open-minded, curious, meaningful for students.
The project aims are oriented towards building marketable skills and competences
eTwinner-centred project
Students become not only jobseekers and perfect candidates but also employers who give feedback to students' application forms.
Would you like to work abroad, in Europe?

Would you know how to apply for a job in Europe?
Teachers encourage students to ask themselves questions about their future job.
They are asked to consider what they want to know about the labour market where they will incorporate as soon as they finish their vocational courses.
eTwinners then research their questions and search information on pages selected by them and teachers. Promoting etwinners' autonomy, teachers facilitate etwinners to find and manage information that help them to know how their future job profile is and what requirements, duties and tasks they will develope in their future jobs. eTwinners will solve problems they may encounter along the way coming up with solutions. Findings and reflections will be presented as self-made project products like videos, infographics, presentations, virtual dashboards, etc
The power of asking their own questions
Inquiry-based-learning (IBL)

Hands-on project
The power of creating and managing their own marketable skillset.