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Try & Fail
Try To Fail
Gsota Magazine
Comic Panel 1
Words by Shayla C

Here at GSOTA, we have hardworking staff members and delicious fresh lunch served to our students everyday. We surround our students with a kind atmosphere. Our students have also made an amazing amount of improvement over the year. Our school is also very clean because of our hard working maintenance, Mr. Rodney.
Class of the week
Words by Shayla C

Questions I asked Ms. Axelrad about her and her class
How many years have you been teaching before you joined GSOTA? She replied with "I've been teaching for 5 years but before I was teaching I was a tutor for a couple of years."

Do you feel we (her students in journalism) have improved as a journalist? She replied with "I feel my journalists have shown great improvement over the quarter and I love to read all my students articles."

I didn't ask a third question, instead i'm doing a fun fact about Ms. Axelrad! Fun Fact: She has a tik tok account for her cats and it has over 60k followers and one of her videos got 2.3 million views!
School events
By: Kate Shiner
Spring Spirit Week
Monday 4/24 - MisMatch Day (Wear bizarre combinations)
Tuesday 4/25 - Tourist day (Dress up like you're on vacation)
Wednesday 4/26- Neon Tye Dye Day (Show off your cool Tye Dye)
Thursday 4/27 - Super hero day ( Dress up as your favorite superhero)
Friday 4/28 - Jersey day (Wear your favorite sports team)
April 5th: Talent show rehearsals 2:30 - 3:30 PM
April 6th: Market Day for K-2 In the auditorium
April 10th: GSOTA Board Meeting 6:00 PM
April 13th: GSOTA Talent show
April 15th: GSOTA Spring Fest 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
April 20th: 9:15 AM-1:45 PM Busch Wildlife field trip
April 21st: 8:15 AM - 10:15 AM K-1 SWA Presentations
GSOTA Survey
Wanessa & Isabela
This weeks survey will be about will be about your opinions on different grades,for an example we will be asking you which grade you would rather going up or back to, and why you chose that grade, we also will be asking you a question that says if you would rather stay in middle school or elementary school for the rest of your life.
Scan this QR code or click this link to complete the Survey.
Middle School Arts
By: Shantel & Calise
The Importance of Art
Why is art so important? Art can be a way for people to express themselves, culture, others, etc. Art can help spread information and can shape our lives and point of views. You might not notice it but art is all around you, from your house, to your food, even your clothing is a form of art. The more we continue to learn about art the more ways we learn how to express and create the world around us.
Different Types of Art Supplies
-Oil Pastels
-Colored Pencils
Middle School Art
In Mr. Josephs middle school technology arts class students are able to create an array of art. You are able to try out different forms and types of art. The art below was created by students of his class.
This or That
By Pragya Mathuria
Welcome to "This or That"
Movies or Books?
Summer or Winter?
Peanut Butter or Nutella?
Tap or Bottled Water?
"This or That" is a game where there are two choices where one must be chosen over the other. I interviewed a few students here at GSOTA about what they would choose over some interesting "This or That" topics.

Feel free to play and choose what you'd rather have.

Now let the game
"This or "That" commence!
To learn a story, watching a movie is an entertaining and visual way, while reading a book is an informative way and can improve vocabulary.

I asked 8th grader Shantel what she would pick: Movies or books?

She said books since it's easier to read and listen to audiobooks where you can multitask.
Winter is the coldest whereas summer is the warmest/hottest. Both seasons have their adverse effects on people because of its extreme cold and heat, respectively.

I asked 8th grader Liz which season she'd rather enjoy: Winter or summer?

She answered Summer since it has a refreshing warm weather.
Peanut butter and Nutella both have their ups and downs where it's up to the individual to decide if the sweet or savory nut flavor meets their expectations.

I asked 8th grader Alyssa what she would choose: Peanut butter or Nutella?

She said Nutella since it's a spread that you can always eat from the jar.
Overall, both tap and bottled water are considered good ways to hydrate. Tap water's less expensive and more environmentally friendly, while bottled water is a safer option with it being tap water that's filtered.

I asked Liz what she would drink: Tap or bottled water?

She replied that it depends on what you want to prefer.
Board Games Around The World
By Michael and Aniyah
Shogi is somewhat like Chess, two players go against each other with 20 pieces that have different abilities and rules for each piece. In Shogi, any piece except for king and gold general can promote or change by flipping them over, you can choose if you want to promote them or not. When you capture a piece, it will switch sides. Shogi is based off of Indian Chaturnaga and is suspected to be made in the 6th century.
Jenga was created by Leslie Scott, the co-founder of Oxford Games in the UK. The game was created in 1983 and has sold over 50 million sets. The name comes from kujenga which in Swahili means build. The game works by taking out pieces of a wood tower and the person that makes the tower fall, loses
Mancala or Shoro originally came from South Africa. It went all the way back to ancient egypt. Tombs and caves have been found with pits like these. The game is easy. You have to try to get all the marbles in your hole by grabbing a fist full of marbles and going in a circle around the board while leaving one marble in each hole you land on. The player with the most marbles win!
Monopoly originated from the U.S and is still the most popular game to this day. The game is about becoming a wealthy owner of streets around the board, like park place or st charles. if a person has no money then they become " bankrupted" and lose the game. The last person standing with most money, Wins!
Our guys in salisbury

This game is about the Salisbury Poisonings which was a true crime and Russia seemed to think of it as a joke. The game consists of the green spray with a skull face and cross bones on it ( which is the poison) used in the game. The board also has illustration of the two suspects of the poisonings. I don't you should allow your kids to play this game especially if they're younger than 12.