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10/29/22|issue #11
Credits To
Abby, Sarah
Content Writers
Kh'yana, Arlett, Melissa
Art Directors
Shantel, Ruby
Communications Expert / Editor
Destiny, Selah
All of theses students have been trying their hardest to make a new, interesting, unique magazine for GSOTA. Each student has a different job that they need to fill out to create the best magazine they can.
We are doing a Fall theme look. Enjoy the spooky season. Also a special thanks to Ms. Axelrad for helping out as well.
School Announements
- Everyone should be in class by 8AM
- The cafeteria is closed at 8:10, breakfast is either eaten in the cafeteria or the courtyard
- No gum at all
- Only water is allowed on school campus
Student Of The Week
- Ava
Ms.O'Brien was the chosen teacher of the week to pick the middle school student. She picked Ava Rivara.She chose Ava because "She is kind and works hard. Ava may not be a vocal leader but she leads the class by example." Ava say that she feels proud that Ms.O'Brien picked her because she's one of her favorite teacher. This is what she said about getting on the magazine. "I think i'm a good student I do my work early." Ava was croprative and was will to go out of her comfort zone for us, it was the was choice to pick Ava Rivara.
Middle School
Student Of The Week
- Cho'Sen
We got a chance to interview Cho 'Sen, the student of the week for elementary. Mrs.Briana stated that she chose him because "Cho 'Sen has shown his love for school. He is excited to learn every day and is always there when you need a good laugh with his silly sense of humor". When we asked Cho 'Sen how he felt about it, he stated that he felt "happy" and "good". We also asked him, does he think he deserves to be the student of the week and he replied "yes, because i do all my work".
November Birthdays
Leonardo Ramos 11/01
Kaia King 11/06
Alain Obas 11/21
Adaya Washington 11/06
Allen Charles 11/17
Jinobli Hardy 11/16
JayLynne Jimenez 11/12
Nikollas Royer 11/19
Kynien Rupel 11/29
Mary Taylor 11/28
Eliejah Walker 11/10
Samuel Banks 11/02
Daneissa Belizaire 11/26
Vivika Lugo-Kolodz 11/15
Thamar Macome 11/08
Walenssa Belizaire 11/04
Aliyah Belizaire 11/29 
Liam DeJesus 11/29 
Karen Fleurigene 11/20 
Myah Hamid-Calderon 11/07 
Jeydi Lopez-Lopez 11/16 
Francarlos Rodriguez Consuegra 11/16
Mikyle Hakeem Hosein 11/26
Nicholas Campbell 11/01 
Charley Charles 11/03
Renejah Drakes 11/05 
Javier Jimenez 11/10
Sofia Jervis 11/11
Michael Venelus 11/13
Jacob Maldonado 11/14
Melissa Fleurigene 11/16