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GSOTA Magazine Issue 13



11/18/22|Issue #13
Credits To
Chrissy, Melissa
Content writer
Destiny, Selah, Ruby
Art Directors
Kh'yana, Sarah
Communications Expert / Editor
Abby, Shantel
All of these students have been trying their hardest to make a new, interesting, unique magazine for GSOTA. Each student has a different job that they need to fill out to create the best magazine they can.
A special thanks to Ms. Axelrad for helping out as well!
School Announcements
School gates are closed at 8:15.

Cafeteria is closed at 8:10, breakfast should be eaten in the cafeteria or in the courtyard.

GSOTA's 1st winter dance will be held on December 2nd.

Any drinks except water is prohibited on school grounds.

Any chewing of gum on school grounds will have you serving a lunch detention.

Zoom Fit Friday! This means you wear your best "Zoom attire" on top and comfy cozy on the bottom. Remember GSOTA still has a school appropriate dress code.

It's time for our annual food drive! Join us as we help our community!

No school next week the 20th through the 26th!
Student Of The Week
- Abigail McMahon
The middle school student of the week was Abigail McMahon, chosen by Ms. Axelrad. She was chosen because she's always tries her best, goes above beyond to meet the expectations, shows kindness and compassion for others and is a joy to have in class. When we asked Abigail she told us that she was surprised to be chosen because she's normally the one being the interviewer. Abby said she is not upset to be picked because she has a very large passion for the magazine. She also thinks her best friend will be proud of her.
Student Of The Week
- Azion Lawrence
The elementary student of the week is Azion Lawrence. He was chosen by 5th grade teacher Ms. Joyce. She choose him because he has been putting in a lot of effort in math and helped Ms. De Arellano with a presentation. When we asked Azion how he feels about being chosen, he said he feels good and wasn’t expecting to be chosen. He said he feels special being chosen, and thanks Ms. Joyce for picking him.
Top Four Fall Facts
Fact #1: While the British use the term "autumn", Americans often refer to this time of year as "fall." Both terms first appeared in the 16th century; however, the earlier term was "harvest."

Fact #2: The "harvest moon," which happens when the full moon is closest to the autumnal equinox, is the reason why fall was given the name "harvest." This moonlight, which existed before artificial illumination, was crucial to a successful harvest.

Fact #3: Researchers have discovered that a lack of vitamin D inhibits fat breakdown and promotes fat accumulation, thus a weight gain during the fall and winter months. So the weight gain may not be just the result of comfort foods like pumpkin pie and cider.

Fact #4: Pumpkins are the food that people yearn for the most throughout the fall, according to The Weather Channel.