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Fun Fact about gsota
702 has 24 students which is 4 more than 701
By: Ariana. T & Colin. M
GSOTA Magazine
This is Mrs.O'Briens class
Mrs. O'brien's Interview
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Words by Colin Murphy

At Gardens School Of Technology Arts (also known as GSOTA) is a school where young innovative minds can be turned into brilliant adults who can help society with their creative minds. At GSOTA kids can be kids and also learn amazing things at the same time.
Words by Ariana Trujillo
The class of this week is Mrs. O'Brien's career class which is an elective for many of the 8 graders. The elective teaches you about how to manage and succeed at your chosen career in the future as the 8th grades are eligible to get jobs soon. Mrs. O'Brien has been working here at GSOTA since 2015, I interviewed Mrs. O'Brien, and asked her a few facts about her, these are the questions i asked her Q1. " Are there any previous schools you've worked at before GSOTA?" Her Response was "I've worked as a hockey coach in Maryland"
Q2." What would your students be surprised to find out about you?" Her response was " I played a major role in the movie " The Runaway Bride in high school"
GSOTA Events
Written by: Kate Shiner
April 5th: Talent show rehearsals 2:30-3:30 PM
April 6th: Market day K-2 11:00 AM
April 10th: GSOTA Board Meeting 6:00 PM
April 13th: GSOTA Talent Show 6:00 PM
April 15th: GSOTA Spring Fest
April 20th: Busch Wildlife Trip 9:15-1:45
April 21st: K-1 SWA Presentations 8:15-10:15
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Noah Dejesus - 4/30/2015
Aliyah Flemming - 04/17/2014
Nathaniel Corter - 04/26/2013
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Shania Mendez-Perez - 04/14/2009
Jenna Turenne - 04/03/2008
Selah Gumbus - 04/03/2009
GSOTA Survey
By Shayla C & Ariana T
For this week's survey, it'll be about what the GSOTA community thinks about the school lunch. Lunch may not be the most important meal of the day but it's still very important. That's why we need healthy meals so nobody gets sick and more options in case someone is allergic to the lunch or can't have it and they've had nothing to eat, and they feel so bad they pass out because they had P.E.
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The History/Background of the Seasons
By:Calise Slydell
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Spring is a fun season, during the season of Spring there's a spring break for a week! According to,"A non-coiled spring was used in a bow and arrow dating back 64,000 thousand years ago. The first coiled spring was invented in 1763 by R. Tradewell, but the first steel coil spring wasn't developed until 1857. “Coil” was chosen for the name as it referred to winding cylindrically or spirally." In Spring the days get longer!
Summer is a lot of things it is fun and it's fun but there is a question that no one is asking, what is the history of Summer?According to,"The word summer is quite old. It's recorded before the year 900 and comes from the Old English word for the season, sumor. It's related to the Dutch zomer, the German Sommer, and the Sanskrit samā (which means “year”)." Summer is known for being the hottest season of the year and have the longest day of the year!
The word autumn and fall originated in Britain. According to,"Recorded use of the word fall as the name of the third season of the year comes from as early as the 1500s. The name is thought to originate in the phrase the fall of the leaf, in reference to the time of year when deciduous trees shed their leaves." Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Fall used to be called Harvest!
Winter is the coldest season of the year! According to,"winter, coldest season of the year, between autumn and spring; the name comes from an old Germanic word that means “time of water” and refers to the rain and snow of winter in middle and high latitudes." Winter symbolizes the "end of different things." The last time it snowed in Florida was January 3/2022!
Fun Fact :The spiritual meaning of the seasons

According to,"In fall, the growing cycle gives us ripeness and maturity. The harvest is associated with abundance, prosperity and wealth. Humans to experience an “autumn”. If spring represents new birth and childhood, and summer symbolizes youth, autumn represents adulthood and maturity."
Flag of Mexico
Things That Originates From Mexico!
by; Lizette Jimenez
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Colored tvs
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Flamin' Hot Cheetos

 Have you ever wondered where chocolate originated from? The Olmec, one of the earliest civilizations in Latin America, were the first to turn the cacao plant into chocolate. Mexican chocolate is made from coarsely ground cacao, granulated sugar, and cinnamon and also chiles, nuts, and spices can also be worked into the mix, resulting in a complex, intense flavor. Besides its added ingredients, Mexican chocolate also has a more rustic texture than many other styles of chocolate.
Believed by many to be the best snack of all time, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos were actually invented by a mexican called Richard Montañez. One day, a machine broke in the assembly line, causing some Cheetos to not get dusted with the bright orange cheese powder, so Richard took some home and put chili powder on them. He created his own recipe for a spicier version of Cheetos that was inspired by a Mexican street snack called elote (corncob).
His legacy continues to be remembered as one of the pioneers in the history of television colour it was invented by a Mexican called Guillermo González Camarena. He was only 22 when he introduced his self-built colour TV to the country in 1940, and he was to later come up with a ‘trichromatic, field-sequential system’ and ‘improved chromoscopic adapter’ which helped enable the colour transmissions. In 1942 he obtained the patent, and in 1946, he finally screened colour images direct from his Mexico City lab.
How birthstones came to be
Written by Shania M
People's opinion
Most scholars have traced the origins of birthstones back to the book of Exodus in the Bible. In this book, a high priest during the time of Moses named Aaron had a special religious garment. This garment was a breastplate with 12 jewels, each of which was engraved with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.
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What's your brithstone?
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For today, I interviewed Lizette Jimenez. The question was, "do you like your birthstone?" she responds with, "yea because it makes me feel special." Lizette's birthstone is pink since her birth month is on October. The second person I interviewed was Isabela, same question was asked. Her answer was, "My birthstone is alright, not really what I like."
Do you like your birthstone?
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