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Fun Fact About Ms.Hicks
A fun fact about Ms.Hicks is that she loves the mountains and hiking them
Comic Panel 1
Words by Colin Murphy

Ms.Hicks is a kindergarten teacher who earned her biology degree at Rhode Island University and competed in the same universities gymnastics team. Ms.Hicks found her love for teaching when she had children of her own and is highly passionate with sharing her knowledge with the young minds of her students. Her love for GSOTA runs as deep as the ocean.
Class Of The Week
Words By Ariana Trujillo
This week's class is Ms. Hick's kindergarten class, Ms. Hick's has been working at GSOTA for just about 3 years now. I interviewed Ms. Hick's and asked her and asked her a few questions, The first question is asked Ms. Hicks was " Why did you start working at GSOTA?" Her reply was " I started working at GSOTA because i saw that it was a little school and i also had kids that went here" The second question I asked Ms. Hicks was " what subject/ subjects do you teach?" her response was " i teach kindergarten so they get all the subjects in one class because they don't switch classes".
Gsota Events
written by: kate shiner
End of the year events
April 5th: Talent show rehearsals 2:30-3:30 PM
April 6th: Market day K-2 11:00 AM
April 10th: GSOTA Board Meeting 6:00 PM
April 13th: GSOTA Talent Show 6:00 PM
April 15th: GSOTA Spring Fest
April 20th: Busch Wildlife Trip 9:15-1:45
April 21st: K-1 SWA Presentations 8:15-10:15
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May 17-19t: 5th grade & 8th grade D.C Trip
May 19th: 4th grade field trip to Cox Science Center
May 22nd: Middle School Wonder Works trip 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
May 24th: Kindergarten Graduation 8:30 - 9:00 AM
May 25th: 8th grade graduation ceremony
May 26th: Last day of school!
By Shayla C & Ariana T
Comic Panel 1
What is this week's survey about?
This week's GSOTA survey is about the student ideas on spirit week. Spirit week is a special week for students as they have one week dress up as a theme chosen by the administrators of the school
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Teacher of The Week
By: Michael Venelus
Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown is our new middle school teacher that started this year. He is not really known, so today, we're going to change that. Today, we're going to ask him some questions.

The questions I asked
1: What do you teach?
2: How long have you been working as a teacher?
3: What is your greatest achievement?
4: What are some things that you like about your job?
5: What are some challenges about your job?
6: how many grades have you taught?
7: What are 3 things that you like that a lot of people don't know?

Here are his responses to the questions. He teaches Civics, US History, and Geography. He said that he has been teaching in this area for 7 years but he said in total he taught for 10 years. He said his greatest achievement is becoming a dad. He also said he likes seeing his students succeed. His greatest challenge is getting his students to care about the stuff he teaches. He taught all of middle school (6-8), all of high school (9-12), and tutored 4th and 5th grade. He likes hockey, dad jokes, and indian food.
Mr. Brown is a history teacher, so I asked him three questions about history to see how much he knows.

Questions and Answers
1: When was the Declaration of Independence signed: August 2, 1776?
2: The US bought Alaska from which country: Russia?
3: Who was the fourth president: James Madison?

The results are in and I can say that he is very good at his job. He got all of them correct but he is a history teacher, he answered all the questions in under 5-4 seconds!
Spring Activities
By Pragya Mathuria
Spring can be described as a time of rebirth, renewal and awakening. Many trees are blossoming and early flowers are pushing through the earth. With grass turning green, birds singing, and flowers blooming to life, it’s time to celebrate this blissful season by doing some spring activities! Here are a few activities to get in the spring spirit.
Play disc golf
Fly a kite
GSOTA Interviews
This popular, family-friendly sport is something the whole family can enjoy! All you need is a frisbee disc, a working pair of shoes, and somewhere to play disc golf (a disc golf course)!
The objective of disc golf is to have fun and complete the course in the fewest throws.
Spring is the best season for kite-flying. It is a traditional folk activity, and has a history of more than 2,000 years.
A kite flies by wind that blows on it – some of the wind hits directly, over, and under the kite. The wind that goes underneath helps lift the kite off the ground.
Spring is the season for these outdoor activities: letterboxing and geocaching!
They combine hiking, orienteering, and creative problem solving to lead participants to a hidden “treasure.” In both, the objective is to find a waterproof box hidden in a park or other public location, following clues left by the person who hid it.
I interviewed a couple students here at GSOTA about what activities they like to do in the blooming season of spring. A 6th grader stated that she likes to draw flowers during spring. A student in 8th grade said he likes to walk and enjoy nature in this season.
Written beautifully by Shania M
things to do for summer
DIY Popsicles
Plant a garden
Is there anything more humbling than gazing up at the heavens above? Pick a clear night, find a quiet spot away from city lights, and bring a telescope or even just a blanket to gaze up. You can look online to find what stars (or planets) to pick out of your night sky. Or time your stargazing for a night when there’s a meteor shower for a spectacular show.
When those long, hot summer days start getting you down, break out some fun ingredients and make your own popsicles. You may have to buy a mold like this one on Amazon, but there isn’t much else you’ll need; things like fruit juice, fresh fruit and yogurt are just some of the ways to make your own yummy popsicles.
If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard that gets some decent sun, planting a garden is one of the best, low-cost things to do in the summer. It’ll keep you busy all season long, and bonus – you’ll enjoy fresh, delicious produce, too! No backyard? No problem! Tons of herbs and veggies – like tomatoes, peppers, carrots and basil – do really well in containers.