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Fun Fact
Did you know that Ms. Axelrad played soccer for 13 years?
GSOTA Magazine
Class spotlight
At Gardens School Of Technology Arts, we are a learning environment for all students. Students feel respected by their teachers and receive all the help they need. Our school is a civil and healthy school for our staff and students.
Today for our magazine I asked Ms Goldsmith three questions,the questions I asked are..

Do you enjoy teaching elementary school?Her response was "Yes I do."

What is your favorite part about teaching?Her response was "our token economy".

What made you want to be a teacher?Her response was " I had a amazing fifth grade teacher".
Tik-Tok Made Me Buy It
☆~ Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

The "Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush" is a shampooing hair brush specifically for your scalp and many influencers on Tik-Tok are given the product great reviews. The product helps with dandruff, and is guaranteed for a cleaner scalp which leaves you will a clean feeling hair.~

☆~ Arcana Arc Water Bottle with Time Marker

The "Arcana Arc Water Bottle with Time Marker" is a nice and simple water bottle which is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also pleasing to help people get rid of headaches, stomach pain, and more this water bottle helps to remind you on how much water you need to drink by a certain time or hour.~
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☆~Product descriptions
☆~ the Arcana Arc Water Bottle with Time Marker helps keep you hydrated throughout the day by showing you how much water you need to drink by a certain time and only for $21.99

☆~ the Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush
is a hair salon dupe and gives you the great pampering you need and is only $6.98.!

☆~ Products
Comic Panel 1
☆~S&T Inc. Soap Saver

Do you ever get the problem of your soap getting all over your soap holders or counters and getting that unaesthetic look? well the "S&T Inc. Soap Saver" can help you with that. the product helps your soap not get sticky and has a faster dry for your soap. the "S&T Inc. Soap Saver" helps reduce soap scum so your soap will last longer.!
School Events
By: Katie Shiner
Photo Competition Winners
Daily Reminders For You
-In class at 8AM
-No gum
-Cell phones off and in your backpack
-Only water on campus
1st place winner
CAPTION At malesuada nisl felis sit amet dolor. Duis ultrices semper lorem nisl felis sit. At malesuada nisl felis sit amet dolor nisl felis.
February 1st - Start of Black History Month
February 2nd - 100th day of school
February 9th - Middle School Science Fair 5:30-7
February 13-17 - Scholastic Book Fair 
February 14th - Valentines Day
February 20th - No School, Teacher Work Day
February 22nd - Anti-Bullying Day Wear Pink 
February 22 - Open House at 5pm
February 24th - 8:15 AM 8th Grade PSAT
Our 1st place winner is Lizette Jimenez, here's her inspiration on the photo : "I thought the flowers were very pretty and would make a good photo" - Lizette Jimenez
2nd place winner
Our 2nd place photo winner was Micheal Venelus, heres his inspiration on it: "I didn't think that I would get second place, I didn't really like the flower but I thought that it made a good photo"
Unique Pets
By: Shantel Tyree
Fennec Fox
Red Panda
The Fennec Fox is a small crepuscular fox native to the deserts of North Africa, ranging from western Sahara and Morocco to Sinai Peninsula. Fennec Foxes eat insects, small rodents, lizards, birds and their eggs, and they will also consume roots, fruits, and leaves for hydration. These foxes are considered omnivores because their diet consists of meat and vegetation.
The Red Panda also known as the lesser panda, is a small mammal native to the Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China. They spend most of their time in trees. The Red Panda is primarily herbivorous but classified as an omnivore. Their diets consist of mainly leaves and bamboo, but occasionally snack on fruit, insects, bird eggs and small lizards. They drink fresh water from rivers and streams and they can also get water from bamboo and leaves.
Fun facts
Fun Facts
- Fennec Fox is the world's smallest fox
- They have adapted to limited water
-They have multipurpose ears
-Red Panda's are the first Panda
-They aren't related to giant panda's
-The red panda's diet is 98% bamboo
World's Greatest Mysteries
By Aniyah Dunbar
Legend of Atlantis
The legend of Atlantis had been talked about, whispered, and rumored about for thousands of years. The first discussion of this city was in the 4th century BC in one of Plato's dialogues. It has inspired many writers, poets, and explorers over the years. Many theories explain the location of atlantis in The mediterranean Sea, across the Atlantic Ocean, even antarctica. According to Plato's account, atlantic was located at the Pillars of Hercules which marked the Strait of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean -  beyond which was literally the great unknown. The mystery continues to be really a Lost Atlantis. Atlantis, so the story goes, was a powerful naval empire that came to rule much of the land surrounding the Mediterranean; until - according to Plato - they tried to take on the Athenians. Plato, arguably the most famous Athenian in history, reckoned that his people's predecessors handed the Atlanteans a resounding defeat and as if that weren't enough, the island of Atlantis simply sank into the sea, never again to be found.
These are some of a million images of what people think Atlantis looks like.
Top 5 Valentine's Day Candy
By Pragya Mathuria
Comic Panel 1
Sour Patch Kids Hearts
Comic Panel 1
Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts
Comic Panel 1
Starburst FaveReds
Comic Panel 1
SweetTarts Conversation Hearts
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Fun Dip Valentine

A SweeTart is a special kind of candy that is so little but so flavorful that it fills your entire tongue with joy. The candy starts somewhat sweet before becoming quite sour. The Valentine's Day edition does the same with the SweeTarts being shaped as hearts.

The very first conversation heart was created in 1866 by a man named Daniel Chase. Daniel made a machine that pressed food dye letters onto candy lozenges made famous by his brother, NECCO founder Oliver Chase. Oliver created these lozenges as a pharmacist looking to get in on the apothecary lozenges craze as a remedy for sore throats or bad breath, according to Mental Floss.

Sour Patch Kids Valentine Candy Hearts are mischief-filled "sour then sweet" treats. Soft, chewy, and fun, these Cupid-approved heart-shaped candies come in fun Redberry and Pink Strawberry flavors that'll sweeten your Valentine's Day.

In the beginning, Sour Patch Kids were shaped as martians, to capitalize on the space enthusiasm of the 70’s. They then transformed into children to capitalize on the Cabbage Patch Kids craze of the 1980s. Regardless of their shape, these “sour then sweet” candies were such a huge success.

By 1985, the Mars Men underwent a rebranding to become the Sour Patch Kids and was introduced into the U.S. market by M & A Candy Company.
The Reese's Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts are a little firm and the peanut butter is soft, which makes a great combination. The chocolate has a nice rich chocolate taste and the peanut butter has just the right amount of sweetness to it.

Reese's Pieces were introduced in the UK in 1996, but are produced in the US. Reese's Pieces are a product extension of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups line; they were designed to capitalize on the success of the chocolate-covered peanut butter cups, though unlike the cups, they have no chocolate.

Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts launched nationally in 1997.
A nostalgic candy adored since 1940, Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip contains a fruity, flavor-crystal mix along with a sweet stick—made to be blissfully licked and dipped. Fun Dip showers the mouth with tasty powder that’s irresistibly sugary and mildly sour.

With this Valentines edition Fun Dip, it features tasty and unique flavors like Cherry Yum, Diddly Dip, and RazzApple Magic Dip powders that can be enjoyed as a snack. The signable packaging also makes it great for any valentine exchanges.

The candy has been on the market in the United States and Canada since the 1940s. It was purchased by Nestlé in January 1989.
Although Starburst FaveReds doesn't scream "Valentine's Day", it's one of the more iconic and enjoyable soft taffy candies out there. Fortunately, this exclusive edition of Starburst can fit in the Valentine's Day theme as it consists of only the juicy red flavors—strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry—together in one pack.

The Starburst brand was introduced in England in 1959. They were first known as Opal Fruits, the name coming from the result of a competition. The four original flavors were strawberry, lemon, orange, and lime. In 1967, Opal Fruits were brought to the United States and the name was changed to Starburst.
Zodiac Signs
By:Calise Slydell
Information about zodiac sign
According to,"zodiac, in astronomy and astrology, a belt around the heavens extending 9° on either side of the ecliptic, the plane of Earth’s orbit and of the Sun’s apparent annual path. The orbits of the Moon and of the principal planets also lie entirely within the zodiac. The 12 astrological signs of the zodiac are each considered to occupy 1/12 (or 30°) of its great circle.These signs no longer correspond to the astronomical constellations in which the Sun actually appears. The constellations are irregular in size and shape, and the Sun regularly passes through one constellation (Ophiuchus) that is not considered a member of the zodiac".
All of the zodiac signs
Aries: April 18 - May 13
Taurus:May 14 - June 19
Gemini:June 20 - July 20
Cancer:July 2t - August 9
Leo:August 10 - September 15
Virgo:September 16 - October 30
Libra:October 31 - November 22
Scorpio:November 23 - November 29
Sagittarius:November 22 - December 21
Capricorn: (December 22 - January 19) 
Aquarius: (January 20 - February 18) 
Pisces: (February 19 - March 20)
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Top 5 Sports
Written by Shayla C.
Fun Fact: Wrestling was the first sport ever to be made a sport.
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Basketball Facts

Basketball actually invented because of James Naismith, he wanted to invent a new game and began throwing a rock into a target and which ever team would have made the rock go into the target the most won. He named it basketball and then more people around the world started to play it and then it got really popular. Eventually it became an olympic sport 1936.

People tend to get really interested into watching basketball because there's a constant movement and you never know what's next. Basketball is actually ranked 3rd over all of the best sports. Players couldn't actually move with the ball, but then that's when dribbling actually came in.
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Soccer Facts

Soccer started in 1863, before it was known as soccer it was called football and people now in days still call it football. It originally came from the Chinese people, but England got credited for creating a modern version.

Britain's actually helped spread soccer around the world. By 1930s there was a world cup tournament held. The word goal wasn't actually used for soccer until José María Muñoz, a famous journalist was narrating the radio and then it proceeded to spread by other narrators. The "knee slide" in soccer was actually invented by Thierry Henry and so on people have copied it and now its just a normal thing in soccer.
Baseball Facts

Abner Doubleday is actually the person who invented baseball. He claims to have nothing to do with inventing baseball. He was serving as a Union major general, lawyer and he was a writer. There was a special commision the sporting goods did for him for his death.

Baseball became an olympic sport in 1992. It has been in seven olympics 1912, 1936, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1984, and 1988. Baseball has actually got removed from being an olympic sport because Major League didn't let their players participate. It's been thrown around that it might be coming back to the olympics in 2028. There's been many changes to the game since then to make it more enjoyable and fair.
Volleyball Facts

Volleyball was made because of people who didn't like the way basketball was and thought it was bumping and could only be controlled by experts, so they could play volleyball instead.

William G. Morgan is the actual inventor of volleyball. He invented it in 1895 at the Holyoke, Massachusetts, YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association). There was actually no special ball like there was back then but in 1900 is when they officially signed a special ball for the sport.

The first world cup ever for volleyball was back in 1965. During the 1900's it actually grew more popular and gained a lot more changes and stuff to it. That's helped us grow into how it is today.
Tennis Facts

Tennis is actually a very old sport. It was originally found in France and called "Jeu De Paume". Tennis has progressed in popularity a lot. Major Walter Clopton Wingfield is the creator of tennis, he got a celebration when he made the game. His first rule book for the game came out in 1874.

A fun fact about tennis is that tennis balls were actually made out of wood. Tennis made its way to the Olympic games in 1896. Even though tennis was most popular in 1970s, to get there, there was actually first of a lot of things during the 1880-1900s. People actually believe there is a lot of weird things about tennis. It has upgraded in so many ways from the 12th century. Tennis is 4th place overall.