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JK Rowling

by Angelina Y


Made By: Angelina Y
                4 ....J.k Rowling's childhood.
                6....What did she do?\ why did she do it
                 7....Where did she live?
                8....When did she do it?
                9....Interesting facts.   
                10....Fun facts.
                12....Facts about the author
Hey, here you are gonna learn about J.k Rowling. Wait Do you know her?
Well if you don’t I'm gonna tell you all about her, mostly everyone knows she made Harry Potter books!

Do you like Harry Potter books? If you do, you probably like J.k Rowling. Here you can learn about her childhood and adulthood. Everything you want to know. She is a great author. I hope you think that too. But if you don't, it's your opinion.
J.K Rowling's Childhood
July 31, 1965. J.k Rowling was born.

J.K.Rowling studied at St Michael's Primary School in Gloucestershire, before moving to Chepstow.

From an early age, J.K. Rowling had the ambition to be a writer. She liked writing.

Her parents married when they were 20, and neither attended college.Her father was an aircraft engineer at Rolls Royce and her mother was a high school science technician.

Her Childhood friends called her Potter,
English was her favorite subject. She created stories for her friends at lunchtime.

She adores charm bracelets.                       
Her full name was Joanne Kathleen Rowling.                                   
J.k Rowling's Adulthood

After graduating from University of Exeter, Joanne moved to Portugal to teach English. There, she married Jorge Arantes.                  
She wrote for 6 hours a day.
maintained it by writing in her spare time when she had a job.

They had a daughter named Jessica in 1993.

Unfortunately they had a divorce. After a divorce, Joanne and Jessica moved to Edinburgh to live with her sister Diane. She got another husband in 2001. She now has 3 kids

Joanne had been working on a book while struggling to support her small family. She has been rejected a few times but, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was accepted by a small publishing company called Bloomsbury.

Joanne wrote her name as J.K. Rowling because she thought that people may not want to read a book written by a woman.
What Did J.k Rowling Do,and why?
What did she do?
So mostly everyone knows that Joanne had made the 7 books of Harry Potter. Took her a few years well not even,17 years! If you think that she didn't take much time have you seen how long they are? 900 or 800 pages! So J.k Rowling is known for writing 7 long chapter books.

J.K Rowling had the inspiration for what would become the Harry Potter series during a train ride from Manchester to London in 1990. She soon sketched a boy wizard.She got the idea while sitting on a delayed train.
Why she did it?