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The first scientist to discover the platypus thought that the mouth was fake。

Has a body like an otter

But with webbed feet and duckbills, weird-looking platypus

But it is one of the most popular animals in Australia.
oh no!
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whre do they live?
The platypus live at eastern Australia, including Tasmania.
2016 the ICUN say that platypus is an endangered animal
what does platypus can do!
Platypus are semi-aquatic animals that mostly lives in the rivers. They are looking for food in the water and digging holes to make nest.

Although the platypus looks like a 100% idiot whe they walking on land,

but in the water, they became a realy good swimmers!
I'm a good swimmer!
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what do they eat?
As what i just say, the platypus stays in the water mainly to find food. So what do they eat? Although it looks stupid, the platypus is a carnivorous animal.

However, the platypus are not small, but they eat some beetles, worms and other small bugs. and also eat freshwater shrimp and crayfish.
I'm a good swimmer!
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A litte bit strang?
But the main reason that they only eat small animals is that they don't have teeth

Platypus only have baby teeth when it was a baby. Therefore, they cannot chew hard food. Funnier thing is that this guy dosen have a stomach, and of course also don't have acid!
toothless,that's me!
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