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A Digital Librarian's Survival Toolkit

by Awesome School Librarians


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Now more than ever, school librarians are necessary in our learning communities to support our students as they develop a joy of reading as well as skills in critical thinking, research, analysis, technology, and presentation. Within these pages, you will find months of hard work by some of the most talented school librarians that I know. They have volunteered to share their expertise with you through videos, text, and images. Please be respectful, and cite the individual authors when you reference their work. We hope this guide will not only be a reference for you, but also as a tool for advocacy and collaboration. Together we can empower your students to become thought leaders and change makers. The future is in their hands!
With gratitude, Kristina A. Holzweiss
Hacking School Libraries
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Hi! I'm Jean Pokorny, the cover artist for The Digital Librarian's Survival Toolkit. I'm a marketing and communications designer who thrives in striking a balance between analysis and creativity. As the owner of Corn Creative, and your success is my success. With a laugh that has never been described as "timid," I enjoy calligraphy, the rodeo, and artisan pickles.

I was so excited when my sister-in-law Kristina reached out to me to design the cover for this awesome resource. I'm impressed by all of the creative tips and tricks shared by school librarians from all over the country.

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