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Leo and the Kittens

by Amaar


Leo and the kittens
By Amaar
Not long ago it was Sunday. Leo went to the beach. But Leo found two kittens. Then they jumped on him. So he went to his brother to take it off him, but and it was purring and wouldn’t come off him. So he went to bed with kittens on his leg and head. The next day he went to the beach to put them back where they live, but then when he went back to the car the kittens ran away to their house.
The next day his Mom and Dad tried to pull the kittens off his hair, but they didn’t succeed because the kittens were stuck tight on his hair. Did you know that kittens have 230 bones?
Finally Mom, Dad and his brother drove to the beach to pulled off Leo’s hair. They took the kittens to where they belonged. Leo went to McDonald’s to have ice cream and chips.