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Anakin Jordwalker VS Jordrem

by Jordan Devji


Once upon a time, there was an evil Sith named Anakin Jordwalker. Anakin wanted to rob some Idols that were secured in a Muslim high-security bank for his master Lord Jordrem, who worshipped those idols. The bank’s security and perimeter were stronger than a maximum security prison.
you must or you will be punished
I will bring you the idols, my master
Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble
Everything was going to plan, but Anakin tripped on a wire and he set the alarm off. Toxic gas came out of the vents. Anakin was knocked out and lost consciousness.

Speech Bubble
Oh NO, I'm…..sleepy….but…not without my blankie….ohh…too late…zzzzz
after a few hours, Anakin woke up in a secure cell…and his whole body hurt.
He noticed an imperial logo on the wall and he realized Lord Jordrem likely captured him. He was told by the guard that Lord Jordrem destroyed his blankie…After all the sacrifices he made, that was the last straw.
Anakin no longer wanted to work for Jordrem.
Using all his knowledge, he thought of a way to escape….using “the force”, and if that didn't work “the Schwartz.”