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Charlotte Adventure By brooke

by brooke davies

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got in our jammies and ate cookies and milk watching hocus pocus 2 then after that we 
brushed our teeth said goodnight and went to bed watching the goonies belive it or not we stayed up until 3:00 also playing roblox tower of hell 
secretly we then odered a chinnease this late when her mother was in bed costed 12.00 and ate it secretly after that we snuk out and went for a run then
when we came back we ran upstaris and went to bed oh may i forgotten to say we brushed our teeth dropping 2 manky piceces of bugs! of out food accidently ate. Then we read a story before going to bed and then we fell asleep like 2 little birds on a wireee oh also i forgot to describe lucy mum she got
brown hair green eyes same as lucy and she wears long hoodies belives in zodiac signs her fav animal is giraffe and her fav underwater animal is a 
fish because her favirote is clown fish the one with orange and white stripes across there body with a skinny round head she likes to call them nemo
her favirote colors are black white purple green every shade of purple to be exact and every kind of shade of blue black green white grey and brown
one more thing about her is she is a aquarias and her daughter lilly is a leo because she is very kind and greatfull later on in the story as 
well ONE MORE THING DEFIENTLY is that she likes to brush her teeth 5 times a day! 5!!!! i cant belive that it likes the bfg having loads of
under fizzy pop and snozcumbers..

im back in the shop and i have £5.50 and this time i got it from my mum from cleanig the kitchen my bedroom and the bathroom!! the other
day, so as soon as i arived at the shop i ran straight to the cashier said thank you for the other day when she gave me a free pancakes
i looked thru all the iles and found the crisp ile and everything there where 2 for 1.00 so i bought the pickeld onion space raders :) then i 
got my favriote 39p chocolate  i got 8 of them bcause over my dead body there delicious i got 2 cans cause they were 2 for 1 as well that came up to £5.12 
luckly i had enough i had 38p change and i skipped out there like a jolly little rat on a load of poop, as soon as i got home i ran to my mum and gave her
a big old hug and even know she mean and always grounds me i still love her the same and nothing will change that after i hugged her she looked at me said
thank you BUT STILL!! ASKED ME TO CLEAN THE LIVING ROOM, so i went in the living room and started cleanig it after that i was watchin sonic 2 and enjoyed it peacfully ^^, after  that i went upstairs and peacefully ate me cookie i made brushed me teeth and went to bed.


Its in the middle of the school day and my teacher pulls out a stack of empty filled

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