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Charlotte Adventure By brooke

by brooke davies

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ive just got out of bed and my mother screamin up the staris "CHARLOTTE GET DOWN STAIRS NOW BEFORE YOU GROUNDED AND WONT BE 
ABLE TO SLEEP OVER LUCY TOMMOROW NOW GET DOWN STARISS!" i sighed and grabbed me hair brush done me hair and put a long sleaved hoodie with the words
turn u frown upside down in pastel writing my white sneakers and gray headband oh and my hair half up half down of course with a white scrunchie 
i ran downstairs with a shock on me face when my mother was putting my breakfast in the BIN!! "mum what are u doing?!?!?? putting pancakes in the bin isnt
that my breakfast????" i said with a shocked look on me face.she then said "yes clearly its YOUR breakfast i just thought it was cold so i am putting it 
in the bin" she said with a evil grin for a moment i stoped talking untill she said "go to the shop buy bread and come back ull have toast
for breakfast" well i had no choice so i grabbed £1.50 and went to the shop and grabbed the bread as soon as the cashier seen me crying she asked "whats
wrong little girl?" i said quitley "im 13 and me mother tipped me breakfast im the BIN my favirote as well!" "and what type was that?? she asked smiling"
pancakes" i said looking really down "pancakes????"
"yes" i said "pancakes.. well i bought pancakes and made them want one? it is free I looked at her and said "OMG YES PLS!!!" and "also the bread is on the house" i thanked her ate my panacake like it was nothing and as soon as i came
back my mother looked at me feriousley "where have u been??!!" said my mother feriousely i had to come up with a lie so i said "oh my godness the shops ran out of bread so i ran to aldi to get bread" she belived me and said "Okay give me the bread" i gave it to her then she said "now go clean the bathroom
you room and the kitchen" i stood there look at her then she said "NOW"...

had just gone to school i was walking home with my bestie lucy ready for the sleepover then when i got home i ran upstaris to pack me stuff i packed 
it then when i went downstairs to get me tooth brush me mother said "WHAT R U DOING ARE U GOING TO RUN AWAY!?!?" i looked at her and said "no remeber
im sleeping over lucy's ok?" she looked at me then after that i ran to lucy mum car and we went to her house i was really happy and  her mother was really
nice 2 hours later... "wanna have dinner girls?" "yes please" we both said nicely "okay u have a choice bettween noodles sushi or lasagne" WE BOTH!! instanly
said "NOODLES!!!" and she made us the best noodles after that we