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The murder

by brooke davies


The Murder
It was one morning and the blue bright moon was out clear as daylight. Glowing over a clear sea, rumors were going around about sirens the type of mermaids with long tails and hands that looked like they had gooe in between them. They could manipulate you they looked beautiful but were evil. There were also rumors about nice ones. No one said these were true after all, they were rumors.

"Hey Allie have you heard about that rumors?" said Jess. Allie looked confused at Jess "What rumors is this one of yours pranks again? I told you I'm not falling for them again how many tim-" "Oh Allie trust me I'm not lying!! There have been rumors spreading around about some kind of sirens killing people in that abandoned beach that was blocked off for a mystery?!" Said jess. "Okay then! We will go there tonight! Then we will see if you're lying or not because I know your tricks, And I was gonna say how many times!! If you let me finish." said Allie "Whatever we have class anyway let's go" said Jess.

The girls didn't know what they were getting into. Jess was telling the truth but Allie didn't know. so as the time went by it turned 9:00 in the night, and Jess had a message.
"Hey Jess it's me Allie ill meet you at the abandoned beach and we will see if your lying because I'm tired I just wanna get this over with." "Okay see you there. The time got later and then Allie and Jess met outside the beach. "Why weren't you inside the beach?" said Jess. "I was too scared 'cause what if what you're saying is the truth?" Said Allie. "we will see now let's go in," Said Jess. Allie followed her in. Suddenly a hand popped out of the water, blood floating around it. "WHATS THAT!?" Said Allie. Along with the hand came a siren a siren with the hand in its mouth. "RUNNN," Said Jess. Jess ran and blinked an eye once she got out of the beach turned around and saw Allie laying on the floor dead. jess was horrified she went back on the beach to see if Allie was okay. "Allie!!" said Jess while tears dropped on Allie's dead body. The siren was back and came running towards Jess. Jess flashed the torch at the siren and the siren when back into the water. Jess picked Allie's dead body up, ran to her parents, and explained everything. Her parents cried and then said "Why did you even go in there?!?!? You guys are teens, not adults! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" said the mum." I'm so sorry.." said Jess. "It's not her fault," said the dad. "We will make a funereal tomorrow and look more into it," said the mum and dad. As days passed, more disappearances appeared on the news and something had to be done. One night Jess went back down to the beach it was 9:00 pm on July 4th. Another siren appeared. "STAY BACK!" said Jess. "Wait please im one of the nice sirens, my name is Willow!" Said Willow when transforming into a human. "You liar, YOU FRAUD! You ate my friend..." said Jess. "That wasn't me that was the others, Im a nice siren I don't kill I like to make friends I promise." Said Willow.
"Fine, I believe you, I'm Jess.." Said jess. "Nice to meet you Jess im Willow I'm sorry about your friend." Said willow. We live very deep in the ocean, I get very scared at night because I don't know if these sirens will kill me" Said Willow. "Well, then we need to do something about it. Too many people have been dying and I want it stopped!" Said jess. "Well it ain't that easy you may think it is but it isn't. Its dreadfully hard, ive tried before. Well we will do it!

It struck night 12 am this time and everywhere was dark, silent and pitch black. No one was around not even a feather a peice of sand? was this world broken. Until....
(Breaths heavly while getting up)

Was it all a dream? Thought Jess. It could'nt be? "Lets text alice's parents!"

Me: "Dear Mr and Mrs Brown, is Alice at yours house?

Mr Brown: Dont play tricks with me! you know what happend at the beach!

Me: Im sorry!

Mr Brown: it's like we're actually talking! AFTER YOU TECHNICALLY KILLED MY DEAR ALICE!

Me: im sorry! i promise it wasnt me it was the sirens!

Mr Brown: Im sorry jess that was Mrs brown

Me: Okay thanks anyways...
Well, that was no help...
I just had a load of trouble!
her mum practically hates me now and my best friend is dead! I need to go visit Willow...