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If I were a penguin

by Maria Almeida


Chapter I
My name is Addy, which means, “nobel” and I live in Antarctica with my family.
Antarctica is a continent but you already knew that, right? It is a continent surrounded by oceans.

Antarctica means “anti-arctic”. The Arctic, being in the north pole and Antarctica in the south pole.
This Continent is the driest, the highest, the windiest and the coldest of all continents on Earth. Because of its extreme climate, my body is very well prepared to survive! 
3rd and 4th grades - AZUFF - Portugal
Maria Mendes de Almeida - English Teacher
As I am a very curious penguin, I am always looking for ways to increase my knowledge of the world.
One day on one of my walks, I encountered a strange construction and strange beings who looked very different from me. So I went to talk to them and they explained they were researching and investigating things from their remote past because it was very important to them.
Then they said something about the glaciers but I didn’t understand at the time.
3rd and 4th grades - AZUFF - Portugal
Maria Mendes de Almeida - English Teacher
So, next morning, I got up early and took off to find out what was going on.
After a few hours, I saw the saddest and most depressing thing ever: our glaciers breaking and melting down helpless into the ocean.
Why was this happening?
I’m about to find out!
3rd and 4th grades - AZUFF - Portugal
Maria Mendes de Almeida - English Teacher
Chapter II
Here I am... Ready to write my diary!
Today is a great day for me! I have a new friend! My friend is a white shark and his name is "Ark"!!
Ark was traveling through the ocean exploring new places when we met.

We are different from each other, but I find it very interesting!! Ark prefers to live alone, I prefer to live with my family, though he is welcome to Antarctica anytime!!
I was talking to Ark about the ice melting and the changes that we have been facing recently… We've decided to search for the reasons and to act upon, in order to stop the damage.
All united we can protect our environment! 
4th Primary School of Zografou, Greece
by the pupils of 5th grade
Theodora Chandrinou - Art Teacher
Chapter III
We've decided to ask the elephant seal for help. His name is Noah. He is an aquatic mammal and belongs to the Phocidae family.
Noah and his relatives have this name, because of the shape of their nose, which is similar to an elephant's trunk. The body is made up of a thick layer of fat that serves to protect them from the cold. They do not have ears, which distinguishes them from lions, sea lions and seals. The females do not have a trunk but a small rounded snout.
We've explained to Noah what was happening with the environment and he immediately agreed to help us.
Escola Básica nº2 da Moita Turma B2.9 - Portugal
Profª Célia Romão