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The mystery kids

by mystery kids


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The Bully School
amber: emma i am so exited about school
Emma: me too i hope it is a good school
emma and amber take the bus to school with their bookbags and they love the school they wonder if thy see their friends from the park some took buses and some took cars
they where super exited so they walked in the school when the bus reached its destanation
they saw their friends but they saw a bully as soon they sat down on the bench next to the door waiting for class to start
mica: hi amber hi emma how are you
the girls glared
of fear
they ignored mica because of how scared they where
amber: Mica dont hurt us!! we are scared [as she whined]
what are you talking about said mica I am not going to hurt you
amber and Emma where relieved that mica was not going to hurt them
mica: im sorry if i scared you who are you guys talking about
the girls could not listen to mica they where too busy watching the bullying
mica: hello?
amber: we need to get going we have a bully fixing to do
mica: ok
as the girl walk and walk forward to the bully they walk slow afraid what will happen to them
the girls walk slower and got scared they ran back to mica and questioned him
amber and Emma talking at the same time: Who is that bully!
mica got confused he turned around and looked what was going on as soon
amber and Emma walked downstairs and asked a teacher where room 201 is and they didn't find one but they just looked anyway why wanted to save the person who was getting bullied but they would get in trouble because they will be hurt
Kayla walks downstairs with kiwi while holding their notebooks
kiwi: you know you guys are late right?
Emma: but how are we late you have your notebooks
kayla: because miss gimlee told us to get our notebooks and we forgot them so we got them and the bell ranged 1 hour ago
kiwi: and she marked you guys absent
Kayla: yeah she didn't know you guys would show up
the girls where disapointed and they both sighed
Amber: Late!?!? on the cupcake party today :( oh it keeps getting sadder and sadder
kiwi and kayla: calm down
kiwi: yeah please its no biggie :) you just didn't show up on time I can fix that by saying a excuse
kayla: you mean lying? :o we cannot do that what if we get caught
kiwi: you are right i did not think about that :[
amber: i know we can just walk in and come in late that is way simple
good idea said kiwi
the girls continued walking until they went in the room and walked in
miss gimlee: hello miss crystal can you please put amber and emma unabsent
miss crystal: sure
Amber: you are not mad?
miss gimlee: of course not everybody is late sometimes amber and emma
radio active: yeah just like me
Emma: we are sorry miss gimlee
miss gimlee: no need to apoligize
miss crystal: yes it is okay to be late anywhere and everyone is late sometimes even me and miss gimlee :)
while everyone helps and plays they wonder why donald and riley are late but then emma and amber realize
realize and realize